Correspondence-induced Nightmares

Dreamed a Mr. Eaten dream last night. Forgive my grammar inconsistencies, I type out my dreams while I’m still more or less half asleep to make sure I get the details right. It wasn’t ALL related to Mr. Eaten, but just enough to make it interesting I suppose :)
Here goes:

In the final stages of mr eaten, it becomes a full blown pilgrimage rather than just a journey of words

You’re expected to take the trip to a location that is revealed to you in the latter stages. Usually up north, it changed between someqhere in the British isles, Canada, Scandinavia, and Russia. Where ever it was, there was a lot of snow.

There, you would find the museum of mr eaten and the final preparations would begin. You would be allowed to live, unlike your fl character, but many people had given up in these final stages. These stages were cold and hungry stages.

The museum was very beautiful, very modern in black and white. In the center was a work of art. I wondered briefly how such a small company like failbetter was able to afford something like this, much less convince a building company to work with them and build this shrine to depravity but what do I know.
There was a guide who would lead you through. This was where you were expected to say goodbye to you family and friends, as on the pilgrimage you went alone. Part of the journey took part inside of the guides head, where they imagined things as we experienced them

The theme park for the first seeker.
He had been a chess player back in the day. Not especially good (they told me they only had a few medals from back in the day) but still well liked among the community for his personality. The theme park was very very big, and another aspect of seeking. An entryway to seeking as well as somewhere you go to advance to the higher levels. Inside one building was a museum and on the south wall was a massive painting of four horses and a man. The style was primitive yet stylistic, similar to medieval art. The guide was telling us about how the horses were murdered in cold blood, and in doing so expended so much energy that they became horses of God.