Connected: the Rubbery Men Rework Coming Soon!

[color=#cc0066]Hi everyone. Just to let you know, we’re going to be implementing the changeover from Connected: Rubbery Men to Favours and Renown next Tuesday. Further details on what this means can be found here:[/color]
[color=#cc0066]We’ll also be trialling a new use for Renown. While we want Renown to remain an optional mechanic, we also want to recognise players who choose to invest in it. Therefore, as your Renown: Rubbery Men increases, you will be able to acquire three new, unique, equippable Rubbery items. The branches to purchase them will be hidden across the city, potentially in unusual locations. You may have to hunt for them![/color]
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edited by James StAnthony on 4/26/2016

Will that new renown mechanic go to the connections that already got reworked? Anyways, im always excited when a new connection switches to this system :).

edit:to explain it better, will the connections that already got reworked get new items to collect too some day?

edit2:I love how these threads come up minutes before I check the forums every time.
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One thing I would really appreciate, if possible, is for us to be given a rough idea as to where Renown will top out in the new system for each faction (as they’re introduced, that is - not all at once).

Reason I ask is I was a little disappointed that Tomb-Colonists Renown topped out at a much lower level of Connected than Criminals did. Purely for selfish reasons - I had put a fair bit of Time into raising TCs into the 300s and people with much lower scores than that ended up with the highest level of Renown too.

Essentially, it would be nice to be given a heads up of whether there’s any point in doing a last minute push to raise a particular Connection before it converts over to Renown (he says, with a nervous eye on his Connected: Great Game of approx 350…)

Yay!!! :)

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Hmm, to visit Flute Street now so that I can have a high renown at the switch, or to stay where I’m at so I can see the low renown actions. Decisions, decisions…

Damn, wanted to get to Flute street to farm Connections before the update, but seems I’ll delay it. meh, level 30 should be okish and I hope more cards will pop.
There’s no other way to farm them efficient, is it (I did check the Wiki page)?

Does Flute street raise connections? Is it a good source for that? I forgot.

It’s pretty good . . .

You need to get Time Passing to 7, as far as I can tell, before you can get options to grind. It’s not perfect, but you get a decent boost and it saves you wasting time trying to get the right opportunity cards to fall into your deck.[/quote]

Awesome. Will spend a day or two there.
Since getting Tomb-Colonist’s and Dock’s renown takes forever, I’ll mass connection Rubbery.
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Flute Street also allows grinding of Whispered Hints and such in pretty large quantities.

Always excited for more rubbery content!

Says the squid in a cleverly-built man-suit.

Oh, surely not, I must be mistaken…
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Does this mean there’ll be a faction card for the rubbery men? Hope so!

Previously I dunked Connected:RubberyMen as low as possible (and have had it at 0 for a long time) because I kept getting not-terribly-useful Opportunity Cards (&quotA limping figure in a top hat beckons&quot + &quotA Rubbery Man lopes purposefully in your wake, tentacles dangling like hanged men’s fingers&quot) and had no other way of stopping them.
I was very much interested in the plight of Rubbery Men when I began the game, until I got sick of seeing the same thing over and over (Get given Amber, then give away Amber. Repeat ad nauseum) and decided to put a stop to those by giving up on all things rubbery.

So it goes without saying that I am very much looking forward to this change. :-D

Are you going to add a source of rubbery connections? as it stands, the only real source is the conflict card, and they don’t have a faction card.

Anyways, i guess i’d better get a few points connection before the change either way

The Boneless Consort opportunity card would be a great spot for that, of course, but it’s not accessible to most. For related reasons, neither is Flute Street, which is one of the best ways to raise your Rubbery faction. I’ll be interested to see how they work that out.

[quote=A B Nile]
(he says, with a nervous eye on his Connected: Great Game of approx 350…)[/quote]


Although I am still going to do an emergency Fluke rush in any case.

[quote=Robin Mask][quote=Grenem]Are you going to add a source of rubbery connections? as it stands, the only real source is the conflict card, and they don’t have a faction card.

Anyways, i guess i’d better get a few points connection before the change either way[/quote]

If you have some fate lurking . . .

Unlock &quotFlute Street&quot you might have to wiki it to see how to unlock it, but I think it’s on an opp card. It’ll unlock a permanent path to a place where you can grind Rubbery connections, among other things, and you’ll also find a very special item there, too. It has some amazing lore, along with some good grinds, and it’s very much worth the real life money :)[/quote]

I also recommend Flute for lore and a very nice and interesting place to visit and have.
After the change, will it be a repeatable place for favors? Reason says it will, though reason does not often play fair at the Neath. Flute is no place to earn amber, for instance, and most of the &quotsure thing&quot places we thought that gives favours for TC and Docks stopped doing that.
So it could be a good place to stock connections. After the change, we can’t be sure.
Still, I recommend the place and enjoyed it even before I had interest in Rubbery connections.

Hopefully this will include a fix for the Save the Rubbery Man option on A Misfortune at the Carnival, which currently loses Amber rather than gaining it.

I imagine Flute Street might function like the Mutton Island source of Docks Favours does now. You spend a bunch of actions leaving London proper for another location, then get one Favour per carousel go-round.