Connected: Rubbery Men Rework in Progress

Do we know the connection item? Is it the Pulsating Amber which hasn’t underwent changes yet?

Slime and Amber appears to be the new faction card, although of a different format from other faction cards. It’s currently undiscardable, which I suppose is a mistake (it should be discardable while the conflict card undiscardable)

ETA: I am not seeing the new Heist yet though…

ETA2: Nothing new on &quotA Clandestine Rendezvous&quot. So if there is a new pet (maybe the Rubbery Euphonium?..) it’s not from the Rendezvous

ETA3: Aha! The Heist is live!
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There is a new pet in the university, at renown 25.

Ah, I had looked when you first posted and you had an ever(something) candle on your mantelpiece so I thought that was it.

Oh, sorry, guess I didn’t change it in time. (Also thought you missed it since I commented before they even said they were finished)

And now the conflict card is undiscardable.

I clicked too fast to note the exact name but the 10 Renown item is on the faction card. It’s some sort of cello-like musical instrument and in addition costs 3(?) favours

Accepting the damp gift comes dear in terms of favours lost.

My connected of about 112 turned into renown 18 - a long way to go until I can get a bell ringer. Has anyone gotten one yet? What are their stats?

I have a bell ringer. Its on my profile.

I love the new Faction card for the Rubbery Men! I did notice a little typo for the Renown 10 item you can get from it, though - “The dripping slime make it hard to determine what it could be” - should that be “makes?” or am I alone in thinking it sounds a little awkward?

So I bit the bullet and tried playing the conflict card, siding with Revolutionaries. 5 favours turned into 470 Proscribed Materials and 1 cp SiC. Which is worth less than I would’ve gotten from calling in those favours in the Forgotten Quarter, but not that much less (18.8E vs. 21E). It’s close enough that the former being less action-heavy makes it arguable.

Does anyone have Renown 50? What’s the description for it?

37 Connected turned to 4 Renown… And all my saved cards were discarded.
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Would like to know the quirk changes when raising high renown. Which quirk it raises and which it lowers.

No new options on the Boneless Consort card (same 4 as before). Taking a walk in disguise gave shadowy gain only (as it used to). Has anybody tried one of the other options?

I’m heading to Flute Street to see if anything new happens. I’ll give vague, nondescript Fate locked hints if I see anything.

I had connection: 106 and it gave me Renown 17 and 7 favors (which I immediately used with the pulsating amber to bump up to Renown 18)

it lowers heartless while raising steadfast

Hm, just pulled the Rubbery Men connected card. Apparently my favours got maxed out in the revamp but since I received no Renown at all, the only option I had was to accept a damp gift, which was around 2000+ nodules of deep amber at the cost of all my favours.

How do I get Rubbery Renown? It said to use a Lump of Pulsating Amber, is that actually available anywhere yet?

You can buy it in Merrigan’s exchange, or some rare successes scattered across London.