Confession Trading

[color=#cc0099]Please use this thread for all things trade oriented during Hallowmas! General information and questions should go to Hallowmas 1894 is Here![/color]

I am up for any and all social actions :smiley:

Seems there are confession trades… Meh, wish I had experienced last year’s Hallowmas!
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Feel free to send any social action, for the holiday and in general

[Edit: No longer trading, thank you!]
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Feel free to propose whatever social action linked to the Holliday you want to. Looking forwards to trade an Illuminated Gentleman’s confession.

social actions welcome here!

Social actions and trading welcomed!

Edit - nothing to trade at the moment. Hopefully more soon!
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EDIT: Already traded to Alterist, who got there first; my apologies to Magmionify and scaitereels and others that I don’t have more to trade!


I’ve got a spare Soft-Hearted Widow and I could use anything except the Kashmiri Princess!

Question for anybody familiar with how this works: When you use your confessions to, e.g., enhance a companion, does that consume the confessions?
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Sign me up for Hallowmas! Profile(s) in signature.

All social actions are welcomed (except loitering. let’s not)

Add me to your list, my dear Gents and Ladies.

who wants, like, a million Soft Hearted Widow Confessions. I need Sinning Jenny’s and the Gentleman’s in order to get my living doll to start crying.

I’d be deligthed if you could add me to your contacts. I’m open to any kind of social interaction and would like it if you are too.

One trade complete, and one crying toy. Excellent. Few confessions to trade at this precise moment, but open to social actions (save loitering) and trades as and when I acquire more confessions.

update: spares gone. thanks :)
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Oh, and my alt;

I’m looking to trade my Soft-Hearted Widow’s Confession for a Kashmiri Princess’ Confession.

I’m also looking to be a protege and for general social actions.

These trade offers are likely to have a shelf-life of just minutes, so I hope people will update them when they are fulfilled.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]I’m happy to do any and all social actions. I really need to increase my contact group in Fallen London, so please add me to your contact lists![/color]
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