Commiseration: Our most painful failures

Well I suppose it isn’t a killer but I didn’t realise that after driving the Repentant Forger away (that painting - I had to know!) with the knowledge that I could strike up a friendship again in New Newgate it ended up costing me Fate.

I hadn’t heard anywhere about the cost so it was slightly painful to use what I was saving for another option.

The worse thing that could have happened: My work blocked !!!

Oh, the humanity! I’ll have to find a work around. Or maybe ask for some sort of mobile device for my birthday.[li]
I guess that’ not an in-game problem. It certainly nothing FBG can do anything about. Unless they want to change the ip address again.
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Technically this is a failure you experienced. So it belongs in the thread.

This happened in my earlier days, but while studying the correspondence stones, I ended up losing it in a game of chess with a deviless. I reckoned I only had a low risk of failure, but managed to fail anyway. Unlike many failures, it wasn’t one I could easily rectify, or one I could simply try again, till an unexpected opportunity later involving using what was a lot of Muscaria Brandy, particularly for someone who had only just started making a name for himself, turned up. Typically, it then turned out that I really had no more use for the stones, meaning I wasted a lot of energy trying to retrieve them. It would probably have been more useful to just sell it to her.

My biggest failure was taking a three-week break from FL during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose. It seems I could have gained quite a lot of FL lore, especially if I had just completed a few more storylines before the Festival had ended…[li]
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[quote=Nigel Overstreet]The worse thing that could have happened: My work blocked !!!
My goodness. How much time have you been logging?

For the SECOND time, I have mis-tapped on my little tablet and started the Affair of the Box over for Fate. Grrr.

Oh ouch. That’s really painful. All Sympathy for the accidental expenditure of a great deal of fate.

Fortunately it’s only 10. But THEN the RNG had me lose two hunt-duels in a row where I had higher stats–just now 130 to 100–and I’m thinking about shutting down for the day, because, sheesh!

Rough. Have you considered keeping your Fate in boxes? You’d need an alt and all your Nex would be turned into Fate, but it might save you a fourth Affair. Which actually sounds kind of scandalous.

Heh. Scandal holds no terror for me!

That’s a neat thought but I don’t think it’s necessary, this is the only thing I’m regularly clicking near that costs Fate without a confirmation screen (though, FBG, it would be really great if all Fate expenditures required one!). If I mess up again I may shut the barn door that way, though.

Considering having a score of 300 only gives you an 80% chance of victory, I think 30 points is a pretty slim margin. Most K&C battles are about as predictable as a coin flip. The +1 given by the various medals is hardly even worth equipping, but you might need it for something else someday![li]

About once an hour, but I’ve been doing it since October and no one seemed to notice or care yet.

I seem to have misplaced my soul. On the first try! It’s with my alt, though, and I don’t think he really needs it.

Woohoo! I successfully got all four eyeless skull opportunity cards in my hand! Wait…this isn’t the celebration thread…where am I? Nooo!

Was trying to earn rostygold in Watchmaker’s Hill for my Gang of Hoodlums. Failed twice with Hard-Earned Lessons in a row (10 wasted actions & plenty of Wounds). So awful.

I used a mood card, the little bookshop, to raise my watchful by +30 and go on an expedition to the temple of utmost wind, the temple that costs fate to go to. It made the buccaneering approach straightforward 100%. So I thought I wouldn’t need much more supplies than the minimum. I took 39 supplies, then proceeded to fail three 100% straightforward tasks in a row. My rival caught up to me right as my progress hit 29, and I didn’t have enough supplies to confront them. Meaning I lost the treasure and all my supplies and action investments were for naught.

That’s rather rough. Are you sure it was 100%, though? When I used a mood before the difficulty hike, I had Watchful 232 and I think the success chance was 92%. It would be much lower now. In any case, ouch.

maybe not my greatest failure, but using up my favorable circumstances to discover that I needed to somehow raise my connection with the revolutionary firebrand or have 15 fate on hand, and thus actually losing my favorable circumstances with no gain, that hurt.

I was at 232 as well. I remember it as being 100%, but my memory isn’t that great and 93% makes more sense in light of all the failures. So it was probably that.