Cider Club

I’m now part of this club. I would break out the champagne to celebrate the occasion but every member is already required to have drinks at hand so it would be pointless.

I’ve done it. Let it be known.

Finally joined the club! Huzzah!

And Wojciech finally joins the club as well. The account was created in September 2013, so it took more than 8 years to arrive at this step. Still, it feels good :)

Sure, might as well add me to the list as well! I’ve had the cider for some time now, since before my hellworm, but didn’t see the clubs on this board until recently!

On the 28th of February I celebrated 6 years in the Neath with immortality juice! :)

Is the list being maintained? Ah well, I will just leave this comment with my profile link, for the universe, mostly:

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Where’s the Cider?
Get some wounds, touch a mirror at the carnival, die, record the echo and welcome to the club and congratulations on the 3H club too (Hesperian, Heptagoat, and Hellworm)!


Yeah that’s a good idea instead of just leaving it as my mantlepiece. I will do it the next time I have a chance to die, when I’m back from the Elder Continent.

(meanwhile it’s my mantlepiece)

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Right, I have the two echoes concerning the cider:

Big congratulations on the 3H achievement! Only 600k more scrip for saddle, boots and polish.



Saddle, I just got.

Boots and polish…I don’t know if I have the strength to do it lol