Chrome extension: Playing Favourites

Delicious friends!

I’m happy to present to you yet another of my little helper extensions for Chrome.

Whitelisted as of 2016-03-22

Have you ever been in a situation that you have to, repeatedly, scroll through a long list of storylets to pick that-one-option you pick every time?

Have you ever wished that was easier to select?

Well, your wish has come true (for Chrome, at least). Presenting Playing Favourites: an extension that allows you to mark certain branches/storylets as favourites, which highlights them and floats them to the top. You can also mark cards to help triage them.

The most wonderful thing? You only need to set your favourites once, and they will sync to other Chrome browsers you use if Extension Sync is enabled.

Currently you can fine-tune the extension to only highlight the branches, float non-locked to the top (default), or float all to the top.

Download: Chrome Web Store
Source and bug tracker: GitHub

All feedback welcome.
edited by Alistair Cray on 10/29/2016

This is a wonderful idea!

Great idea! Do you plan to add Firefox version one day?

[quote=Valiant]Great idea! Do you plan to add Firefox version one day?[/quote]My stance on this:

  1. I, personally, probably won’t port it to Firefox now. Alien add-on architecture I’ve never worked with.
  2. I would be interested in doing so when Firefox adopts its plan to have Chrome-like extensions. Should happen in August this year.
  3. The extension is open-source and not very complicated. Everyone’s welcome to take a stab at porting it to Greasemonkey or native Firefox addons.

I’ve just been using the plans for this, but this is much more noticeable!

I have a suggestion: A similar thing for cards.
There’s some cards that I can never remember off the top of my head if I want to do or not. A fine day in the Flit, for example. Would it be possible to mark cards as a reminder to do them?

Every time I log out and back in (doesn’t matter if I log into a different account or the same one), I then have to reload the page, else the green markers don’t show.

[quote=fallingkitten]I have a suggestion: A similar thing for cards.
There’s some cards that I can never remember off the top of my head if I want to do or not. A fine day in the Flit, for example. Would it be possible to mark cards as a reminder to do them?[/quote]

This is planned. Ideally, one would be able to mark the discard button as favourite or undesirable, for quick triage.

As for logout / login, I will investigate.

Strange, I cannot reproduce this. After you log in and it doesn’t work, what’s the page URL?

Also, if you have a GitHub account, we could continue this conversation there: Does not apply immediately after a logout · Issue #1 · kav2k/fl_favourites · GitHub
edited by Alistair Cray on 3/21/2016

And, the extension is now whitelisted, many thanks to Hannah. Making it public on Chrome Web Store.

Delicious friends, feedback requested!

I have added, in my development build, support for marking card discards:

The state toggles through these, unmarked -> green -> red. By themselves, the markings don’t do anything (they don’t prevent you from clicking, just there to encourage/discourage discarding).

Question time:

  • Do you like this implementation?[/li][li]Should there be some warning when clicking on red &quotDISCARD&quot, or would it just get in the way?[/li][li]Now that I think about it, consider this: red &quotDISCARD&quot turns into &quotSURE?&quot if you click it, and you have to click a second time. Is that good?[/li][li]Should I implement red marking for storylet branches as well?

edited by Alistair Cray on 3/23/2016

I think this is a wonderful idea!

Perhaps a warning on red discards. Or, wait, does red mean you WANT to discard that card, or does it mean you DON’T want to discard that card?

My initial idea was that green means “you want to click that” and red “you don’t want to click that”. But for a negative action (discard) it seems confusing. Better ideas?

I guess you could just have it that if a player wants a reminder to do the card, they can toggle the green. And perhaps omit the red entirely? So green means “yes do this card” and normal means “this is safe to discard”.

All cards are safe to discard in the long run.

Some cards, however, I want to immediately discard, without looking, which is sometimes hard as they share the image (think &quotAltars and alms-houses: the Church&quot vs &quotBrimstone or frankincense?&quot). Hence, the green highlight of the DISCARD button itself. This is consistent with green highlight on branches: you want to choose that.

As for the red function - I was thinking along the lines of Opportunities Protector, but not as extreme - you can still discard, but there’s some confirmation involved. All too often I had a stray mouse click.

Anyone else thinking that the color scheme is confusing?
edited by Alistair Cray on 3/23/2016

This extension is awesome, Alistair. Thanks so much! I don’t know the logistics of it, but would it be possible to do something similar with actual storylets? I’d love to bump the Affair of the Box stories up to the top of the Spite area.

Yes, it’s possible, I intend to do it soon. The extra layer of work I mentioned has been done already to support cards.

I start to lean towards making the red “protector” mode optional, and apply it to both cards and choices.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m really liking this extension.

Very nice work. Thanks.

Gentle nudge for people who like the extension: please rate it in the Web Store. This improves the visibility of the extension to people searching the Store instead of coming through here.

I’m having the same experience over here. Once I reload, it works fine, but every time I switch accounts, it’s gone again. I don’t even mind the extra click because the extension is overall so useful!

Should you need any pertinent details, Mr Cray, feel free to PM.