Christmas Wishes in Fallen London



Visit the Fallen London Advent Calendar every day until Christmas to receive a snippet of sepulchrally Yuley narrative, and something besides: trinkets, magpie-treasures, and occasionally, something rare.

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Open the first window now!

Edit, 7th Dec: We’ve buffed the advent calendar so it works across more browsers! We also filled in the rest of the windows, to address a misunderstanding that it was simply a desktop background. Now you get to hunt and pick at doors to your heart’s content.


Tell your friends you are thinking of them this festive season with a Fallen London Christmas card!

Your stock of cards will be replenished weekly by Time, the Healer. Find them in your Lodgings, under Send a Christmas Card.

(You no longer need to be acquaintances to exchange Christmas cards, unless you intend to arrange for the Bazaar to send a Christmas card on your behalf.)

Find new players to exchange cards with here, on the Fallen London subreddit, Facebook, Twitter (using #flcards) and Tumblr.


The Fallen London Store is now bursting with clothes, accessories and gift ideas for you and your delicious friends.

New in: the Mr Sacks range, guaranteed to attract second glances at Christmas parties (is that Father Christmas? Where are his eyes?).

Also new for the season and by popular request: Hello Delicious Hot Chocolate mugs!

Here are Spreadshirt’s cutoff dates for Christmas orders, don’t miss out![/color]
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Apologies if I’m missing something, but when I click on the advent code, it takes me to the card’s page. When I return to the game, everything is unchanged: there’s no trinket, magpie treasure, or something rare in my account. I’ve now tried three devices. Am I missing something or is the card the only event for day one?

Once on the card’s page, you have to open (click on) the advent window for Day 1 (blue double window on the left), and it will take you to a new page.

It worked! I completely missed it. Thank you!

It doesn’t seem to work on mobile, if that helps anyone.

Will these codes work if we are at Zee?

[color=#0066ff]It should be working on mobile - will you send a ticket to if it’s not? Thanks![/color]

Worked for me in Apis Meet

Vopel, thanks, that’s what I wanted to know!

My TtH comes in about two hours, although yesterday he was late for everyone. Do I need to send these now, or will they be eliminated if any are left when TtH comes, or will they accumulate?

– Mal


[quote=malthaussen]My TtH comes in about two hours, although yesterday he was late for everyone. Do I need to send these now, or will they be eliminated if any are left when TtH comes, or will they accumulate?

– Mal[/quote]

[color=#0066ff]The maximum number of Christmas cards you can have at once is 7.[/color]

Thanks for the Mr. Sacks Easter egg.

This is a bit early, but if an access code rolls around that gives out a catbox, it would be more than welcome with me. The Starveling Cafe is home to all manner of cat (and often spider).

Any catboxes sent also get marked and recorded and further SCIENCE! if that’s the thing that appeals to you.

I got an email confirming it will not work in Safari, but they recommended using another browser. Anyone get it to work in Chrome for iOS?

Nope, didn’t work in Chrome for me either.

Chrome working for me, though this is only after I Went through my computer to accept it, so I’m not sure if its a recent fix thing, or because I already had it.

[color=#993300]Hello all - Developer Sam here. I made the advent calendar! I’ve also just made a few changes that means it’ll work on Chrome, Firefox and Safari for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and PC’s. Enjoy the glowing lights and let us know on if you spot anything awry, in calendar or out.[/color]
edited by Sam on 12/1/2015

Thank you for that fast response!

It still doesn’t seem to work for me on Chrome iOS. Clicking on the door does now make it fade out, but nothing else happens and refreshing makes the door reappear.