Christmas in Fallen London

[color=#0066ff]The Fallen London Advent Calendar[/color]
[color=#0066ff]From today until the 25th of December we’ll be handing out advent treats via the Fallen London Advent Calendar.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]Each window will give you a snippet of Yuley narrative, and something besides: trinkets, magpie-treasures, and occasionally, something rare.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]Each will expire after a minimum of 24 hours; so collect them swiftly. If you’d like a daily reminder, follow us on Twitter.[/color]
[color=#0066ff]New Year’s Eve Competition[/color]
[color=#0066ff]In Fallen London, the year is 1899. The turn of the century approaches. What does the city have in mind for this unmissable occasion?[/color]
[color=#0066ff]We’re marking the approach of 1900 with a creative competition! See the full blog post for a rundown of how to enter, and what’s up for grabs for the winners.[/color]

Sounds very exciting! I really regret working on the time-sensitive matter of grinding Notability for PP and not going straight to London to flip cards for the opportunity mentioned in the blog post. Curious to see what the season brings.

On a side note, what does Yuley mean? Or Yuley narrative?

Thanks very much!

[quote=Hannah Flynn][color=#0066ff] [/color]

[color=#0066ff]Each will expire after a minimum of 24 hours; so collect them swiftly. If you’d like a daily reminder, follow us on Twitter.[/color][/quote]
For those who are seeking Mr. Twitters Name: aka @failbettergames

This is my second FL Christmas and I vaguely remember the Advent window rewards got better as it got closer to the 25th.

By the way, which option to choose for the card ‘A Revel to end all Revels’?

Option 1: Supply wine for the revels
Requires 1 Cellar of Wine and 1 Society favour.

Option 2: Connect His Amused Lordship with a Surface smuggler
Requires 1 Great Game favour and 1 Society favour.

Option 3: Find employment for an out-of-work magician
Requires 20 Bohemians Renown, not having Bohemians favour.

Option 4: Expedite a shipment.
Requires 1 Docks favour and 1 Society favour.

My Bohemians Renown is not high enough, and I am highly reluctant to use the rare few Cellars of Wine I have.
So it’s either Amused Lordship (Great Game) or Docks Shipment.

They all give some Someone is Coming and increment a world quality whose use is unknown.

The Cellar of Wine option gives you back a Favour in High Places, which has the same value but is easier to get by other means.

Everything else is obvious from the unlock conditions. The Bohemian option gives you a favour; the others exchange one favor for another.

In my assessment, the order from best to worst option (assuming you’re not saving wine for some reason), is:

Bohemian (something for nothing)
Wine (equivalent exchange)
Great Game (less valuable than dock favors)

Anybody else get 2 Diatomists Array?

I got two as well.

Also got two and assumed I had one from last year and had forgotten until I came here…

Just checked my messages and it looks like all the Advent Calendar codes have triggered twice for me thus far, since I’ve got duplicate messages for each one for the past three days.
edited by Toran on 12/3/2021

seems like it’s happening for the other items too (not sure about 1 though, since I already claimed it)

I got the opposite just now: it told me I had already used the code, but I had not.

[color=#0066ff]We are aware of the bug and have added it to the list! Sorry for the duplication. :)[/color]

What should I do with those pails of ‘snow’? This is my second FL Christmas, I think I dipped them into snow last year, can’t remember clearly now.

I look at the other options, all shockingly low success rates. Feeding the Malevolent Monkey only has a 30% success rate.

Or should I save the snow for a later time?

Ideally you would wait until you have two Taste of Lacre and then examine two buckets through your Semiotic Monocle.

Well, I have four Taste of Lacre now, my ‘A Scholar of the Correspondence’ is currently 7, and I can’t afford the Semiotic Monocle.

I believe examining the buckets is more beneficial for those whose ‘A Scholar of the Correspondence’ is already 10 and they want to push it beyond that to 15?

I do desire to feed the monkey…

I totally empathize with the inexplicable and relentless desire to feed the monkey whatever this stuff is. Can’t deny that.

Succeeding with the Semiotic Monocle correctly will get you three points of Taste of Lacre from your pail. Nothing else will give you more than two, and most the options that give two points require succeeding on a 30% luck challenge.

It’s up to you what your goals are with the season. Success with the monkey is pretty amazing. Just be aware that Pails of snow are limited, and Taste of Lacre is difficult to raise. If you’re angling in particular to upgrade a Lodgings, it’s worthwhile to look at a guide.

but that monkey tho…

We’re comparing it to luck checks; the only sure things give just 1 point. I’d say using the Semiotic Monacle is probably worth it if your SotC is at least 3 or 4. Three Taste of Lacre is a lot.

If you can’t use the Semiotic Monacle, I would feed it to a wild boar. The Dreadful Surmise doesn’t get consumed. (If you were around last February you probably got a Surmise from the princess during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose.)
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Incidentally, I got a Pail of So-Called Snow from the Advent Calendar my very first day playing Fallen London. What did I do? Can you guess?

So, we can use that extra pail of lacre, right?