Choosing a Dilmun Club sponsor

Just got POSI after a long while dilly-dallying and now all sorts of options are opening up for me. First among them appears to be the Dilmun Club, but I’m not sure which sponsor I should pick. Does it make a significant long-term difference or unlock different options? [li]

We don’t know what the significant long term effects of our sponsor will be.

So far there has been no affect but it is one of those stories that ends with Impossible! I hope that it continues someday. I chose The Bishop but can’t remember exactly why I made that choice.

I chose the Implacable Detective. I’ve always found her to be an interesting character, and the storylet’s emphasis on her age when selecting her intrigued me further. I was tempted to pick His Amused Lordship due to the high requirements and the potential to find out what he was really about, but I didn’t have enough AtGotG so I picked the Detective instead.

I chose the Bishop because the other two sponsors’ requirements seemed impossible to achieve. I’ve hit a plateau on AtGotG with no clue how to get it higher and it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen the Implacable Detective and she wasn’t handing out business cards then.[li]

If you need Implacable Detective Cards to do this there is an option on Court and Cell: the Constables - Attend a class given by the Implacable Detective. It lowers your connection but increases your watchful and gives you one card.[li]
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I chose His Amused Lordship because I had all the requirements to go down his option but not for the others. Pro-decision making in Fallen London, right here.

I chose the Detective, because when I read the options presented to me, I didn’t have the quality high enough for His Amused Lordship, and I don’t trust the Bishop one bit. I don’t know what he wants out of the Garden, but it’s nothing good. However, I kind of hope there’s a chance to switch my sponsor (it was implied this would later be possible), because, perhaps it’s just me, but it feels like His Lordship is the only one who doesn’t want it for personal reasons.[li]

I chose his Lordship. He’s the one who got me that far into the Dilmun Club to start with and he seemed the most Trustworhty. The Detective I haven’t dealt with much and the Bishop is rather shady.

I went with the bishop because it was the most easily attainable and immediately regretted it. I hope I can switch to His Amused Lordship before I get too entangled with the seedy candle-muncher.

I choose the bishop due to prior connections with him through a certain card game, and the connection between him and my spouse.

I chose His Amused Lordship, for two orders of reasons - one negative and one positive.

The negative’s based on the fact that my character didn’t like the other sponsors; or better, about the Implacable Detective, he like her just fine, but they’ve been on opposite sides of the law one too many times to let him be comfortable having her as his sponsor. The Bishop of St. Fiacre, on the other end, is downright suspect - my character had the chance to know him during his Ambition quest, and he caught definitely BAD vibes from the Bishop -.-

The positive one’s that His Amused Lordship does seem to have a genuine intellect and possibly a good nature, behind his jokes and flighty demeanor; it seems to me he’s feigning shallowness to better hide his true talents and goals. A bit like my character, basically. See, birds of a feather :)

On a related note, I honestly can’t remember if I’ve done this yet, where would I look to find out if I have a sponsor, and who it is? (I have a memory like a sieve, and I did the Dilium Club things a while ago)

It’ll be in your Story qualities.

It was indeed, much thanks! It seems I chose the Detective as my sponsor. I do wish I could remember the details. sigh But I imagine I picked her because I’ve always liked that character :)

Apparently I chose His Amused Lordship.

I think that was just because I had almost no BDR at the time, haha. Still, I really like him as a character, so I’m happy with that choice.

The amount of distrust for a certain sponsor is disheartening.[/quote]
I am extremely saddened that the Cousin doesn’t get even close to enough love in the messages. He deserves better.

I chose the Detective because I hadn’t yet unlocked His Lordship. Still hoping I can change that before the story progresses.

I chose the Bishop. I don’t regret it. He fascinates me.

Well, you were a bit faster than me, but I’m in the same situation. But I picked the detective for RP as I was siding with the Cheery man and found that funny! :D
&quotDetective, why don’t you help me while I help the Cheery man with matters regarding the Special Constable!&quot