Choosing a Dilmun Club sponsor

It was a long time ago but for some reason I chose the Implacable Detective. Probably because I had her card and wasn’t that fond of His Amused Lordship and didn’t know very much about the Bishop at the time. Meeting him in the exceptional stories has given me a positive impression even if he is a Snuffer

So, like Sir Fred. I hope that I can change my sponsor when the Dilmun Club story progresses but I would prefer to have the backing of the Bishop.

One of a few stories I wouldn’t mind resetting to before the major choice - alongside the Battle of Wolfstack Docks and the Cheery Man/Last Constable.

You’d probably find more love for the Bishop in a post-Flint thread. That storyline seemed to warm a lot of people up to him.

Yes, I very much wish I could replay those. I’d gladly pay fate for that.

[quote=Tarantula][quote=Vavakx Nonexus][quote=Tarantula]
The amount of distrust for a certain sponsor is disheartening.[/quote]
I am extremely saddened that the Cousin doesn’t get even close to enough love in the messages. He deserves better.[/quote]

Just look at these messages alone:

The amount of discrimination on snuffers lately, they aren’t all evil, yeah, it’s common for them to be evil but not all of them are, the good bishop even wants to seek HEAD POUNDED BY THE MINISTRY OF PUBLIC DECENCY.

The Battle for Wolfstack Docks is one of my favorite stories. If we could replay it I’d happily trash my stats with irrigo until they were back in 70’s range just so I could do so again.

Yes, I very much wish I could replay those. I’d gladly pay fate for that.[/quote]

I picked his amused Lordship but I don’t remember the reason - after Flint I definitely like the Bishop but the Detective could be fun as well.

The margin for His Amused Lordship is about what I’d expected – well over twice as popular as the other two put together. My sponsor is the Bishop: his view of immortality is liable to be conflicted, and he has a secret that makes his existence precarious. For me, it’s hard to see how the other two can compete in terms of story potential. But maybe I’ll be surprised; I often am.

The Bishop must have two classes of protégé: people who didn’t know what the deal was with him when they got him as patron (and maybe regret it – or maybe have warmed to him) and people who knew damn well/strongly suspected, and found him fascinating. And I’m still not sure what he’d do if we were trapped alone together, his need for…a certain personal asset…was urgent, and he got the drop on me. This is a world in which it’s exquisitely hard for anyone to break free of their origins.

[quote=Tarantula]In retrospect, giving him Mourning Candles specifically, is somewhat of a morally questionable act.

Poor man would probably be appalled about commiting unintentional anthropophagy.[/quote]

Well, he’s very probably done much worse things, at least once.

This erudite chap surely knows what’s in those candles. They’re clearly a guilty pleasure – he hides them in his vestments, and of all the three sponsors, only his success text says explicitly that you’ve bribed him. He’s definitely going to be trouble. Bring it on.

His Amused Lordship has the sort of attitude I’d take to the Garden which is ‘treat it gently’. I mean we’ve already been kicked out once, if we somehow managed to return we should probably be on our best behavior. Plus it’s probably a cool place with a lot of useful stuff that we shouldn’t go trash.[li]

I picked the Bishop for a number of reasons. First, I think the treatment of the Cousins is appalling and unreasonable. Helping them reclaim what was theirs and advance themselves is a passion of mine. Second, I appreciate a man who looks specifically for the outliers and oddballs in society, and rallies them to his cause. There ought to be more cultural exchange in the Neath, especially between species. Thirdly, I like him, personally. He’s got a very sophisticated way of thinking about the world, for a metaphysician, and his general philosophy of mercy and cooperation, rather than justice or righteousness, is one I find very appealing.[li]

I picked His Amused Lordship because how can you not love Brian Blessed?!!?! I feel sad for the Bishop and wish to help him as much as I can.

It’s a cousin thing - they are noted to have beautiful eyes.

My character has sided with the Detective. I never really clicked with His Amused Lordship, who has the attitude of a jovial Olympian deity. Lots of people find him friendly, but I found him kind of, well, off putting. So although I could have joined the Dilmun Club very early with his patronage, I instead waited until I had a high enough respectable to make a try with the Detective.

The Bishop was right out as he’s a Snuffer and my character does not trust Snuffers in general and the Bishop of St. Fiacre in particular.

That left the Detective, who my character shared a honey dream with at one or two of Mr Wines revels and felt something of a connection to, personality wise.

I dont even remember who I chose? Can I check in my qualities?

Yeah. It’s under The Dilmun Club: Loyalties

I chose His Amused Lordship. I roleplay a Machiavellian Anarchist who’s infiltrated in the highest echelons of society, so it only seemed proper to have him as my sponsor.

I went for the Implacable Detective, purely because it was the only one whose requirements I could satisfy at the time. Barely. I passed an almost impossible challenge to get her to sponsor me.

Knowing what she knows now from… a certain Exceptional Story, my main is glad she chose His Amused Lordship. I don’t recall the storylets right now, but the fact that I met the requirements to choose him at the time may have been involved…

Have you seen the 2000 candles card in Spite?[/quote]

I honestly can’t recall if I’ve played that choice or not, but I’ve read the text. I initially filed the Figure in the Courtyard under ‘Mysterious and Unexplained’. But as you learn more, it does seem more than possible that this odd figure with a liking for candles and shanties is our ecclesiastical friend.

I’ll revise what I said about the Bishop being trouble for the player: we’re going to be trouble for each other.

Even by the standards of FL, the player and the Bishop are going to make an odd team (the player being usually human, but by no means exclusively – and I’m sure there are a few Snuffer players who never let their character die). For years, the Bishop has been a tricksy, partial ally of a different species – a species that some of his own kind ruthlessly exploit, and all of them fear. By joining forces with the Bishop, the player themselves becomes…a tricksy, partial ally of a different species.

If the Bishop’s true nature was publically exposed, I’m certain he’d pay with his life - all the special pleading in the Neath would not save him. A player who knows his secret, and keeps it, could become a valued ally to him…but they’ll never stop being a Sword of Damocles.

And if the Dilmun expedition actually does get as far as the Elder Continent some day, the Bishop’s mates there will regard the player with a lot of suspicion, I think. Maybe even more so if they claim to be an ally, than if they were a hard pragmatist like the Implacable Detective.

The Implacable Detective may have a much more conflicted interest in the expedition that it seems at the first glance, if the snippet in this article is to be believed.