Chiropteromantic Zodiac Sign and Candidate Support

One of the more regular features of London life is being able to open the Unexpurgated London Gazette and irregularly find your Chiropteromantic horoscope in Madame Shoshana’s Most Accurate Predictions. Since Madame Shoshana is herself a candidate, it seems fitting to analyze candidate support and zodiacal signs and see if any patterns or tendencies emerge.

Please state your Chiropteromantic sign and which candidates you’re thinking about supporting, have decided to support, or have determined you will not be supporting.
edited by Anne Auclair on 7/12/2019

My sign is the Crow and I’m thinking about supporting Madame Shoshana and Mrs. Plenty, in that order. I am definitely not supporting Virginia.

My chiropteromantic sign is the Lantern. I don’t know who I’ll support. Madame Shoshana, maybe.

Sign is the shepherd. Supporting Ms. Plenty.

The Spider. Anti-Virginia (feelings toward Hell aside, why are we electing a foreign agent as mayor, again?). Leaning Plenty, but holding out until we know more about the candidates’ positions.

My sign is The Shepherd, and I am proudly supporting Virginia this year. Better the devil you know!

My sign is the Rat, and I’m supporting Ms. Plenty. Not that I buy that the sign means anything

My character never ended up receiving a designation on the chiropteromantic zodiac, since I’ve spent essentially no time drawing cards at the Carnival. Their support likely won’t crystallize until a couple days into the Election, since we know so little about platforms. For instance, if Virginia’s &quotcalisthenics for the soul&quot can create real positive change or if Plenty proves herself to be something other than a status quo candidate, then my character might support them.

UPDATE: Now that the Election has begun, my character will likely be supporting Virginia, whose platform of public works, self-improvement, and academic pursuit is most appealing.
edited by Azothi on 7/16/2019

I am the Lantern, and I light the way for Virginia, as a true friend of the Brass Embassy.

My character’s sign is the Lovers, and she will be supporting Mrs. Plenty, a woman of discretion and intelligence (if not taste).
edited by cathyr19355 on 7/13/2019

My sign is the Lovers and I am undecided, but I shall update this post when I have reached a conclusion!

My sign is The Hunter, and I’m going to wind up voting against Virginia.

My sign is The Rat, and no clue about who I wanna support.

My sign is the Lovers, and I’m leaning strongly toward Mrs. Plenty right now.

My sign is the Lovers. As I recall, that’s the sign of decision making and, well, I haven’t made mine yet. Probably leaning Mrs. Plenty’s way, but I’ll see what the candidates say.

My sign is the Rose, I would support Mrs. Plenty even though I stand with the shroud during the war of illusion.

Much like Azothi, I never did end up getting a reading from Shoshana. Don’t really go in for that sort of thing. I’m not resolved for or against any candidate yet, but I’ll be surprised if I end up voting for someone other than Virginia.

This Bat is supportive of Hell, and Virginia by proxy. This MIGHT change depending on what we learn during the election and I’m leaning towards Mrs. Plenty if I do decide to switch candidates.

If I recall correctly, my sign is the Cat, and I see myself voting for Soshana, unless of course something else comes up. Hell and Seeking don’t sound like wise choices.

While I do not support your candidate, I adore the irony!