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Well, with EBZ down at the moment, I thought it would be fun if the forums had a chat room attached so we could talk to each other in the downtime. Then I thought, why not make one myself? If anyone is interested, PM me your Skype screen name and I will add you to the chat.

Forgive me if this is the wrong forum section for this.
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I’d like to advertise this a little more. I’m finding the chat room most entertaining. Whether it’s rapid fire discussion of new mysteries, urgent requests for aid, or simply idle banter on all manners of accomplishments and scandal, it’s nice to have a medium to communicate with my fellow players where I can expect a quick reply, as well as an easy way to talk to multiple people at once (Doing that on twitter really eats up my character limit)

Bumping this in hopes of a few more seeing. It is a very nice resource to have, I’d love to see a few more of you in here! ^_^

Also, whenever I get the commotion in the square of lofty words card, I ask there who needs/wants jewels/rats, and usually no one takes me up on it, so there are often goodies up for grabs. Just saying.

I’m bumping this again–we always welcome new people to discuss the game! Just send me a PM if you would like to join.

Sounds interesting…PM’ed!!

Is this active these days?

Sadly around last December my computer died, and since Skype doesn’t work very well on the iPad I have been using in its stead, I haven’t been keeping the room open.

How much interest is there in real-time FL discussion? If there’s demand for it, I’ll see what I can do.

For what it’s worth there is another, rather small Skype FL discussion group mostly populated by the #fallen london Tumblr community; but I don’t really know if the admin would like a sudden massive increase in size from a wave of forumites joining. Just… mentioning it, I guess.

I would be into something IRC-ish. Not just because I like FL and the people who play it seem interesting, but also because I’m perpetually lamenting the slow disappearing death of the mid-90s internet, and that would bring a little of it back. I forget the name, but I ran across an in-browser IRC client a while back that seemed to me like a good option for things like this.

Mibbit, perhaps? Though I struggle to call it “Good” because I’ve had some pretty terrible times with it. I personally use Chatzilla for IRC stuff, which is sort of browser based but could effectively just be an external program with no real differences.

I thought you might mean Mibbit, too. IRC would certainly be my preference, although it might pose an entry barrier to people who’ve never used it, I dunno.

I think real time chat would be interesting. I do like forums though because I tend to be easily distracted and -ooh a puppy…

Yeah, Mibbit. I’d probably actually log in via my phone more than anything, but as far as a place to point people who, precisely, haven’t used IRC before.

So, I don’t know, let’s pick a server and set up #fallenlondon? I vote DALNet (but only because that was the one I was on most in my vanished youth; I don’t really have a preference).

If I were to pick anything I’d say synIRC just because I’m in a few channels on that server already so that’d be the most convenient for me :V

Okay, I created #fallenlondon on synIRC. Let’s see how it goes.

If you’ve never used IRC, here’s how:

[ol][li]Go to[/li]
[li]You should see a screen which looks like this:

[li]Select SynIRC from the drop down menu, like in the picture. Type the name you want in the box on the left, type #fallenlondon in the box on the right, and click Connect.[/li]
[li]Feel intense nostalgia for the 90s. This step is optional but highly recommended.[/li][/ol]
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I’m in, and will be around with some regularity. Thanks for making this work!

An update: it looks like there’s enough interest for #fallenlondon to be viable. Various people have been in and out over the last couple of days; there are currently eleven on the channel. A very selective list of stuff people have discussed while I’ve been logged on:

[ul][li]The relationship between souls and stars;[/li][li]The nature of the Judgements;[/li][li]Why certain Flukes are Lorn;[/li][li]The Bazaar’s plans, love, and lacre;[/li][li]What Hell is doing with all those souls;[/li][li]Strange sea beasts and squid with wings;[/li][li]Whether enough people have been born for someone to make good on his proclamation that he would provide a dowry of 10 000 000 000 souls for the Quiet Deviless;[/li][li]Gameplay advice;[/li][li]Recommended Storynexus games;[/li][li]Co-ordinating social actions;[/li][li]The best ways to spend Fate;[/li][li]Spacemarine’s terrifying reserves of obscure knowledge and borderline exploits;[/li][li]How to make proper tea.[/li][/ul]Most discussion so far has happened during British evenings, but there seem to be at least a few people around at any time of day. If this sounds like your thing, please drop in – everyone’s welcome.
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I can confirm that there was a significant (and enjoyable) level of discussion this afternoon/evening in EST time

I made a widget thing! It’ll let you connect to the channel in just a single click, plus a bit of typing to select your username. You can even bookmark it! I put it through bitly because the link is an unwieldy massive leviathan otherwise.

Mibbit is far from the best IRC client, but it’s very simple to use, and its the only thing that offers an easy connection like that. If you’re frustrated by it for whatever reason; look up Chatzilla, Hexchat, mIRC… there’s plenty of other clients, but they don’t fit quite so neatly into your browser.
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