Celebrating good fortune.

Congratulations to everyone! All of those are considerable achievements.

I recently managed to amass the lower-priced means of obtaining a key to a room at the Brass Embassy, which is pleasing.

Well, it was less a stroke of good fortune rather than mere perseverance, but I have acquired, save for the Overgoat, every piece of end-game gear that can be acquired from the bazaar.

Unless, of course, more has been added today.

Now for the Overgoat.

Congratulations to you all, such laudable and outstanding achievements. I look forward to discussing just how you made it this far at my next soiree - look for my letter. Au reviour, darlings!

So I’ve gotten myself a second character, as I have a fuzzy memory of the game’s beginning and wanted to go back and revisit it. I just got through seducing the Honey-sipping heiress, and as a “delightful souvenir of our time together”, I received some iron manacles. Good to know what kind of relationship that was!

A Salt Weasel just stumbled upon me while I was grinding beeswax for my sub. Its my first rare pet ^_^

I finally got all three end-game lodgings plus the libaryette card, rare books option. Now working towards a gang of criminals…

After much work, finally got the Airag. With a bonus.

Now, what do I do with it?
I almost want to taste the real thing…

I have managed to reach the fifth level of “Cardinal of Conspiracy” which is titled “But that means… Oh No!” I had feared that progress in that had stopped after 3, as levels 3 and 4 had the same description. Alas, my supply of whirring contraptions has dwindled whilst I was distracted with the Numismatrix and it may be some time before I am able to progress further.

A few days ago, after about a month and a half of waiting for the final card, I finally got Stormy Eyed!

The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! I found it in a box! And was overjoyed by that!

After months of swapping boxes, I finally acquired the beast that I have longed to pat since the first time I read the sidebar. Woohoo!

I recently received the long-awaited Numismatrix card, in order to redeem my Marks of Credit for a violin of possibly royal origins.

In addition, after a month of card-flipping, I rescued a Haunted-Looking Dog from the Veilgarden cats. Hurrah!

I have a zub! Whee

I did acquire a lovely lapel badge recently, though I must admit to disappointment that I was unable to utilise that particular association as my Club.

Furthermore, I have moved from my premises at the Bazaar to a room at the Royal Bethlehem.

Perhaps I shall look into constructing some sort of Zubmarine next.

nice work Chandler! recently joined the same club myself through the help of the good image given to me by being on God’s Editors. I must admit though, I’m not sure why God’s Editors let me in, since I am the very definition of a hedonistic heathen.

Just got a overgoat. Bow to my greatness!

Nifty. Put it on your mantelpiece and I’ll add you to the list of The Overgoated!

Going though such a Herculean task makes me truly enamored of people like @jillheather who bought an Overgoat when the max income per turn was 84 cents. 84! Now I would most certainly bow to that dedicated, Sisyphean greatness!

I’m kind of grinding for the Overgoat while I work on my zub. I’m finding a huge number of Touching Love Stories while I gather Stolen Correspondence. Its already gotten me to $500 without directly working on it. Now to just get the other $11,200 lol

I’ve finally maxed out all of my stats, I feel like I’m going to miss looking at the little bars fill up.

After six attempts (and over a thousand Cryptic Clues), I have finally won my legal battle and now have in my possession a truly Voluminous Library.

Incredulity is increasing…[/quote]

You’re not kidding? That really is the description for Connected: Masters at 10?