Celebrating good fortune.

I have most assuredly accomplished a taxing feat …

(You’ve changed lodgings. Your new lodgings are Premises at the Bazaar. The opportunities this address provides mean you can keep 4 Opportunity cards in your hand.)

It has been a most taxing feat, pitting myself repeatedly again a veritable sea of assassins, but I have prevailed. I believe I shall take my ease for a time and see what changes that rumors say are on their way.

I just wanted to share my good news with my fellow Fallen Londoners.

I also just Produced a Zubmarine: over 3 months of work. A toast to amazing feats!

Just got my Library after three failed attempts! high-fives Riddlewyrm

Cheers to your good fortune.

Might I also extend my DEEPEST contrafibularities upon this, the occasion of your entry into the echelons on fallen society. Try not to touch anything.

I just got the Salt Weasel card. considering the rarity of those pets I have plenty of reason to celebrate my good fortune :)

Capped my first stat: Persuasive

Finally, I am a Scholar of the Correspondence! Oh, how those options have taunted me by being locked for so long!

high-five Mine’s adorable. Totally worth all the location-camping.

cheer Welcome to the club m’dear! Remember a good night’s sleep is helped a long by a drop of laudanum when one has been at the books too long!


Good fortune: I finally unlocked the PoSI storyline! All those days of grinding my Watchful up have finally paid off!
Slightly less good: I have to grind all my other stats from the low 70s to 100…oh well, another excuse to play more often!

I just permanently moved into a rather decadent room at the Royal Bethlehem!

E-gads man! Such a horrible place the few times I’ve been there! Women crying, lizards in my bed, mushrooms in my bath! The manager was useless when i complained to him!

But I suppose an accomplishment is an accomplishment. Cheers sir!

I have a small raggedy dog I found in Veilgarden… the poor thing followed me home after I shoo’d off some cats… it’s a sad creature, but my is it watchful! I supouse I should celebrate my new companion!

I have just joined a rather intriguing little club. Now to see what the fuss was about…

Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar has increased to 10-There may be drunken one-night stands!

You awake with an absinthe headache the size of the room your in, a massive dark, damp affair. Your displeasure is audible as you toss onto your side, your back feeling like it has been scratched like the Duchess’s veterinarian. As you manage to open your eyes, you see two glowing unblinking orbs staring back at you.

“Last evening was simply magnifcous. Breakfast?”

You manage to make your excuses as you try to sneak home, trying to avoid the prying eyes of the press and bats. As you sneak into your house and into your bath to wash away the queasy feeling, you see a note on your counter. It tells you that Mr. Wines is hosting another party tonight, and Mr. Irons expects to see you there. It appears a score of Special Constables is going to escort you.

Oh dear. OH DEAR.

Wounds is Increasing
Nightmares is Increasing
Scandal is Increasing
Suspicion is Increasing

[quote=MaskedGentleman]Wounds is Increasing
Nightmares is Increasing
Scandal is Increasing
Suspicion is Increasing[/quote]
Reputation is increasing…
Awesomeness has not increased: this quality cannot currently increase past 130.
edited by Patrick Reding on 3/29/2012

I am unsure if this is a bit of good news, but it’s certainly lively.

I am now sporting a moderately cooperative clothes colony. So far, it has not tried to strangle me, but it is somewhat twitchy at times – and I won’t tell it that my tailor might not entirely approve.

Incredulity is increasing…

Running Gag… shows your progress in this venture.

After much work consulting with the Numismatrix, I’ve just acquired the loveliest musical instrument of quite a singular provenance