Burning A Name

So I’m thinking of doing that dangerous, stat-destroying questline to head East but from what I’ve read up there may or may not be a few bugs concerning how to attain it.
So here’s what I want to know without having to save-scum and lose my little Invictus Token and my awesome Frigate because of something silly like a 1 hit-KO event:

  1. Is Adam’s Way still bugged? I heard that it reduces your hull to 1 and other things happen but then I hear that even if you have a full hull or a damaged hull, you can still run the risk of sinking. So has that been fixed yet? Because it sounds like something that should have been fixed quickly and the Wiki isn’t reliable on those matters.
  2. I saw a big light under the Dawn Machine and I was wondering if that’s safe to go across or will it do insane damage/terror to the Zubmarine if I tried to cross it? (I decided to go via the zee route instead just in case BTW)
  3. What does happen if you cross a boundary while underwater? Same as the surface? Does your Zub turn into a ship and end up at Avid Horizon?

Thanks :)

  1. Its a difficult veils check that kills you if you fail. Don’t think there’s a bug.
  2. Insta insane. No second chances.
  3. You can’t cross the border, except east, there’s invisible walls.
  1. From what I heard about Adam’s Way though is that the sea does damage as you approach or that if you don’t hit the Rattus Fabber at the right moment or something, you’ll smack into a wall and die before being teleported back to port.
    So that no longer happens and the Wiki really needs to update that fact?
  2. So 100 Terror straight up for zailing through the light? Ouch. That sound worse than that eye everyone talks about.
  3. We meet again, my archnemesis… so you smack into a wall and take damage?

Eh, not straight up, but if you go in I doubt you’ll make it out before a mutiny. And there’s no damage for invisible walls. I didn’t really do anything special when I went south (Several times at this point)

So I can go in with a bit of battle-damage and come out with my ship nearly dead, Rattus Fabber up some hull, purchase some fuel and supplies and full-speed ahead with the Suppressor back to London (or the Khanate to grab crew since I think it’s closer and probably on the way to Frostfound).
Good to know that my end-game plans won’t be sunk instantly. Thanks :)

Pretty sure, yeah. Except you lose your crew, so its more limping back to london.
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Limping with the Suppressor on and engines stoked to high temperatures… or is that bad for the fuel consumption?

I wouldn’t hammer F if that’s what you mean. But really fuel consumption should not be your concern after going south.

I’m thinking if I carry 40 Rattus Fabbers on the Frigate, I can get myself armoured up until I find a spot to rebuild my crew.

But this is all theory, because I don’t even have half the veils needed for a straightforward challenge.

Wait, once you get that low on health you can’t repair anyways. You have to limp back to London with basically nothing.

I thought Rattus Fabbers could fix up a ship regards of HP and that using Supplies to repair was only possible above half HP

You’re right, my mistake.

Got worried for a second that I probably need to swap out the Torpedo Nets for a Ratsender or something. Do those items even still work?

I’m afraid I don’t really use them, so I don’t know. Don’t usually use rats either, just fuel and supplies for long trips.

I don’t think I can survive a trip with only 1 Hull left though… I’m not the best navigator (and underwater I’m even worse. I can’t go into a port without hitting the sides at least twice when I turn)
So I’d only carry Rats for that one thing. Not like an investment of 4000 Echoes will matter considering how the Salt’s Song Quest ends…

Various answers:

  1. I’m pretty sure the bug’s fixed. Iirc the issue was something to do with taking a tick of damage from being on the river even after the event teleported your ship. Fortunately there’s a way to cheese it without losing your Invictus Token. If you ever die at zee, whether from losing hull or wounds or a mutiny, you can immediately quit to the main menu and then load the game… from where it saved in the last port. This only works if you quit from the death event, so don’t continue on to the legacy screen.
    1b. Going South does set both hull and crew to 1, so you have to limp home slowly. Fortunately there’s a way to get around the half-speed bit too. If you use the Cutter with WE ARE CLAY, the max crew is two so with only one crewmember you still can go full-speed. Using rats for repair is still a good idea though.
  2. Being directly under the Dawn Machine gives about 30 terror per second. It’s a poor idea.
  3. Iirc the NORTH border is a solid wall underwater. The border behind the Dawn Machine and for the South both have invisible walls underwater, which push you back without damaging the ship.

I think going south with a cheesed-up Cutter would be a part of the idea “Losing my awesome Frigate” :P

Hmm, but cheating death without losing the token… that might be the ticket (leaving the true death to encounters that deserve it, like being killed by Mt. Nomad. Not because an event bugged out).
But I didn’t know that one, thanks.

So… Dawn Machine is bad either way but its safer to try and navigate through the spinning stuff than it is to dive under and surface on the other side. Gotcha.
Although why is the Dawn Machine so bright underwater? Is it trying to shine across the Unterzee first or is the mechanism just facing downwards until its ready to spin into position?

I sailed up Adam’s Way in my last game, and doing so reduced my Hull to 2, rather than to 1 the way it did before (the last time was over six months ago). So I think the insta-kill glitch may have been &quotfixed&quot by having Hull go down to 2 instead of 1, so that even if you still lose 1 Hull point when you’re teleported to Apis Meet, it will just take you down to Hull 1 instead of sinking your ship.

Of course, it’s still a very good idea to use a few Rattus Faber Assistants to patch up a bit before slogging back to London. Just don’t tell your new crew what happened to the last one…

I went to the Khanate because it was closer and if they just happened to die… well no Londoner would be harmed in the process of the voyage now…

Huh, the event does indeed now set Hull to 2. I wonder how that interacts with the ship with only 1 Hull.