Burning A Name

Killing an enemy that can repair your hull from it’s rewards shows that it sets it to a higher number than your max hull but it just gets set to the max number you can have when you finish(im guessing the same can happen if you give supplies for repair in London).

[quote=Marsha Glade]So I’m thinking of doing that dangerous, stat-destroying questline to head East but from what I’ve read up there may or may not be a few bugs concerning how to attain it.
So here’s what I want to know without having to save-scum and lose my little Invictus Token and my awesome Frigate because of something silly like a 1 hit-KO event:

  1. Is Adam’s Way still bugged? I heard that it reduces your hull to 1 and other things happen but then I hear that even if you have a full hull or a damaged hull, you can still run the risk of sinking. So has that been fixed yet? Because it sounds like something that should have been fixed quickly and the Wiki isn’t reliable on those matters.

The hull of your ship will be reduced to 2, so this bug is fixed; but you have to succeed in a veils challenge: 125 veils -> 100% success. If you fail the challange, you die! ;-)

Be careful: If you sail north, your terror increases by 50! Same holds for sailing west. Sailing east is quite safe.

Good luck, I have recently done this Carnelian Exile quest, it’s definitly doable. If you are finally in Irem, note, that there is only one possible option to complete the quest, the other ones are still locked, I don’t know, why…

I did the whole East thing a while ago. Even with enhanced stats, starting over from scratch was rather difficult for me.

But I’d do it again! Maybe instead of looking at the last horizon though, I look towards the zee being my home. Then London. I want all 3 portraits after all.