Bugs and things that bug me

I was bringing my Tomb Colonists on tour and was not told where to go next, nor is that information available in my journal anywhere.

I’ve put like 40+ hours to the game and never found a way to get Storm or Stone’s attention other than in Withier, at which point it requires some fairly rare stuff.

The Neathbow quest is annoying in that theres only one source of Virric and after dozens of stops at vebderbright I can’t get the random encounter.

I did the Tomb Colonist tour and I was definitely told where to go every single time, as well as being able to check it in my journal. You’re not the first to complain about this, however, so I’m really curious as to why. Could you screenshot your Journal’s Objective tab for reference?

Stone’s attention can also be gotten via a random event while at zee; I’ve gotten it two or three times out of 6-8 captains (not too sure anymore at this point).

I agree about Viric!
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Seconding virric, I’ve gotten all the other colors on three different saves but never that one, frustratingly.

I agree with the Viric. From what I’ve checked up on the wikia, the value of SAY that you need is within a four number range, with SAY being able to vary from 1-100. Also, I believe you need the event TWICE to get it, once to start off with Fingerking’s Footsteps, and the second to actually obtain the item after a skill check. All of this which makes obtaining the Viric ridiculously annoying.
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/does some arithmetic

So… I have the same chance of getting Viric as I have of unboxing an Unusual in TF2? :D Oh dear.

Not that I object to having something that shakes up the idea of being able to !complete all the quests! (read in a very chipper voice), but perhaps that’s a bit overboard?

[color=rgb(0, 153, 0)]There’s been another place to get Viric for a while now. The clues about where to find it are part of the lore, so I won’t spoil it for you.[/color]

Ooh, fun. Thanks for the correction.

edit: &quotBehind your mirror, V names VIRIC, the colour of shallow sleep.&quot A nightmare, perhaps? I usually keep my Terror under strict control, let alone allowing it to get too far into nightmare territory, so perhaps it’s time to play with fire… (dramatic metal music plays in the background)
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Hmm…maybe Irem with a high nightmare threat?

Oh shit, no, wait, how do you do spoiler tags? I’m going to edit this post afterwards since it has a richtext editor that way hang on.

Mirrors! VARCHAS! A Dream of Smoke??? But everyone went on pilgrimage. I hope I’ll be able to try it out. Mirrors AND nightmares! Ahhhh I really hope I can test my theory!

Overexcited theorizing!!! No seriously I am so excited about this and so annoyed that none of my friends play this game for me to fluster at them.
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But heavens above! I have been so close on so many occasions, and this is such a surprise! Sunless Sea just keeps em coming, eh?

I know there’s an alternate source of Serpent-Images for the Magician, but that source doesn’t let you get Viric or increase Fingerking’s Footsteps. Even with, uh, slightly less-than-legitimate means, I can’t find any other sources for the item that the Curator wants, or any alternative items that satisify the Viric requirement. Or, for that matter, anywhere else which links to the same event as Venderbight. There is a dummy branch which needs 1 Fingerking’s Footsteps on the abovementioned alternate Image source, but it’s blank and inaccessible.
Unless the other source is something weird like something that’s only available on the overmap, but if so it’s hell of obscure. v0v

I’m gonna try and test my theory now, unless sudden RL obligations pop up, but I’m not 100% sure that the possibility I mentioned is still accessible to me due to the interactions I’ve taken. Fingers crossed!

edit: Ah, croop, I can’t, it’s locked out. If that WAS the only other source of Viric, well, it’s back to metaphorically attempting to uncrate an Unusual for me.
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Varchas would have been my bet, too. I have some saves around there - I’ll test them out when I get the chance. What I’m really keen to find is an alternative source of Gant - random Fingerking events are bad enough, but few of my captains would truck with cannibalism!

There’s nothing at Varchas; successive Dreams of Smoke just give you debilitating amounts of Terror, and there’s nothing anywhere else there either.

For the sake of my sanity, but real and in game, can someone point me to an alternate varic source?

We’re still not sure yet, riverbck. I had a theory, but it turned out that the state of my story was ineligible to test that theory out, and someone else has said that it didn’t pan out for them anyway.

Oh, sorry, folks, it’s not live yet - my mistake. Thorough apologies for getting you all excited - I’m not getting much sleep at the mo.

Correction: there will be a non-random way to get it before final release, which blah blah lore blah.

Good, it’s the only thing I’ve never managed to get :)

Speaking of bugs, there’s one where after you load a save, you can’t exit the gazetteer unless you close the program. It’s somewhat annoying. There is another one that I don’t know how to reproduce where all ships become untargetable.

It’s okay Alexis, you have a cryptic way with words that makes it hard to tell if you mean the present or the future when you give clue drops like these. I’m of the mind that if you don’t tag &quotand it’s presently live&quot to the end of the clue then it probably isn’t real/presently live (see: old enigma, the seven sources of eyeless skulls, and paramount presence and compare with the heptagoat for a counter example).

Still, it made for a diverting evening of playing ‘guess that hidden branch’ which was fun. To play, you just think of somewhere a hidden branch could feasibly be and then give it a try even if its a really absurd idea. For the case of the hidden viric, here were some of my favorite wild guesses of the night:

[spoiler]1. The comatose ferret - if you play with the comatose ferret enough there is a bit of descriptive text which calls it an ‘enchanted painting’. It’s a sleep themed animal, and because its always with you from the very start and uses SAY mechanics, its like hiding in plain sight.

  1. The Leadbeater & Stainrod ‘Winnower’ - A weapon described as &quotWINNOW THE SLUMBERING GREEN!&quot in a bit of easily missed hover text. Its a cheap forward gun and not everyone is going to get a forward weapon slot, nor are they necessarily going to progress forward weapons in order of cheapest to most expensive. So this little hint is easily missed. But alas the curator doesn’t want the gun. And while I thought maybe actually equipping it could give you a viric quality, much as it gives you weapon stat qualities, no that didnt happen either and it should have been obvious as any given quality should appear in the hover text. But imagine if you interpreted winnow as in fanning flames and you could upgrade the weapon to a viric version with storm’s attention. That’d be a riot.

  2. As the night went on my ideas got less coherent. One of them went along the lines of &quotso sunless sea logs into fallen london to get new stories, and that’s basically the same as logging into the larger storynexus account. These accounts can contain metaqualities from other storynexus games. Imagine if sunless sea could see if you finished Silver Tree and then gave you bonus easter egg content based on which ending you got. I remember one of those ending qualities using a serpent image or something. That’d be the most esoteric unlock ever though.[/spoiler]
    I had a few more guesses, but they were really starting to spiral into arcane absurdities. I sleep now.
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