Budding scholar of the correspondence seeks "language" tutor.

Progress in the forgotten quarter is quite slow, and I am finding it difficult to advance my studies. I am looking for a more learned tutor with whom to engage in a correspondence course, so to speak. Please send a calling card if you are willing to aid me in my studies.

What’s your profile link and your current SOTC level?

have you checked The Letter Writing Club thread yet?


I’m level 2 I believe?

I can send you a few when I get back to London, but I recommend grinding it up on your own before you read them as getting it higher than 10 is almost (but not quite) impossible solo, so you DEFINITELY want to raise it some yourself first.

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I had heard that they give more change points the fewer levels you have. For now, I’m just trying to get to 10

SotC is absolutely doable solo, though the fastest option is admittedly somewhat expensive. All the older players you see with max SotC likely ground it to that point before the social option for raising even existed!

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I recommend “Queen Jones”. They’re always happy to send missives, and oh dear are they very, very generous with it.