The Letter Writing Club.

I too seek the exchange of missives in the Neath. For NearlyDave is new in town and seeking social contacts.

Greetings delicious friends,
I am currently in the process of honing my attributes for those onerous tasks that fall upon a person of some importance. I am most in need of assistance with matters of Persuasion but would be grateful for any assistance you might provide and would, of course, respond in kind. As a Correspondent, I am more than happy to pass along any particularly interesting sigils that happen to scorch themself into my desk.
Your Obedient Servant,

My delicious friends, I am new to the process and delights of correspondance, but am open to new experiences. Feel free to contact me for any and all reasons and activities Fallen London

Rosa Belnades, is a friend of mine. They need help with persuasive. Licentious gossip letters would be appreciated. My character, Martin Walker can offer Cider if it’d help

Hello, I have correspondence studies 8, but i would like some help with correspondence missives if possible, I am willing to send investigating, casing, scone, or inspired missives as needed, or tank social slights as needed. My in-game name should be Groundbird

I’m in no need of a certain missive. Please do not send it to me.

(feel free to don’t ask me for similar favour)

Neim, Crooked-Cross, currently in a Guerrilla Warfare against a certain Hungry Cat:

Accepting: calling cards, tea and coffee, Invites to a Salon, shadowy loitering, assassins in response to social slights, affluent photographer.

Offering: Investigating Notes, Improvised Dueling Manuals, letters in gant, tea and coffee, help with menaces, shadowy loitering, social slights.

NOT WANTED: anything from Attend to Matters of the Heart!, The Neath’s Mysteries, Tournament of Lilies.

*(I will try but I may not always be able to reply or send).

@futouristka I have sent you a calling card, if you accept it I could follow up with a certain non-missive.

While it’s all fun and good to drive the Empress’ Court to insanity time and time again, or occasionally promenade in the Forgotten Quarter, I would not be opposed to receiving a certain missive in order to further progress my Correspondence studies if anyone is willing. I’ll be happy to slight or aid you in return!

I’d like some Investigating letters or missives and affluent letters. Send to Lamil please!

So, I made a post for this, but, I would like some flame-proof missives I just need to increase it from 7 to 10 for Christmas, thanks, I can help with any social action

Delicious friends,
I do not need a letter written in something that is not a language. I do not need to deliver such a missive to a place that does not exist. I would be happy to reciprocate by not sending any letters you might need.
Nither dictated nor read,

I, lamil, would like to request flameproof missives. Thanks!

If anyone’s offering, I could use some Flameproof Missives and/or Poetic Missives. Looking to hit Correspondent before my TTH on Tuesday, but I also need to grind for Notability 5 - I’m using the Shuttered Palace Somewhat Challenging Symphony grind. I can send some back once I get to Correspondent, or throw you some other messages if you need. (I’m at Notability 3-and-3/4, SOTC 4.)

My profile (Barnabus Barnabus): Fallen London

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I could send some, if you’d still need to. I’m looking to grind correspondence.

I am a scholar and author looking for a language tutor of the type best not written on paper. A “correspondence” course so to speak.


Greetings delicous friends

I am looking for a Discordant Missive, and will be more than willing to repay with any type of letter at my disposal.

Kindest regards

Greetings delicious friends

I am looking for some fire starters in a questionably permissible language. I looking to get my understanding from 6 to 10 for my professional advancement. I am willing to reciprocate with any letters I am able. I can currently provide insight in any one of the four base disciplines.

With regards,

Not looking for a letter. Do not send to Help will definitely not be appreciated.

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I am looking for some Flame Proof Missives. My Name is Kingtechwizard2