Blue Prophets: My compliments!

As the title said, my admiration for whoever did blue prophet animation.

It makes you dizzy and is just as confusing as a real flock of bird or a school of fish will, to disorient predators.

In fact, i will try to avoid them since they seems to have soo an impredictable pattern movement that it makes my head spin.

Really well done guys!

and they are fast! but so beautiful that I don’t want to kill them :)

Fast enough to outcircle most ships, which is an excellent surprise for those of us used to normal Full Astern and Open Fire technique :)

Yeah, that technique doesn’t work against anything that can keep up with you. You will probably need a tailgun for this job, but that will significantly slow down your speed and you may simply be in for a straight-up slugging match. As always, to kill anything, shoot it until it dies.

Still never seen any of them. Where do they usually hang out? I thought it was the coast of the elder continent, but I’ve sailed up and down that coast dozens of times without ever seeing any.

Yep, between Port Carnelian and Crying Heights, but there could have been some problems with updates.
Are your Story Updated?

[quote=Frenzgyn]Yep, between Port Carnelian and Crying Heights, but there could have been some problems with updates.
Are your Story Updated?[/quote]

Well, since coming here, I’ve heard that I’m apparently missing tons of monsters I never even knew existed. I’ve played for months and never seen the eater of names, tree of ages or the blue prophets. I’m currently redownloading the game to see if that helps.

None of those were in the game until release, and only since the latest patch were they reliably spawned for everyone.
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Yeah, I know, but my game was on steam and always up to date in both patches and stories. And I’ve played quite a lot, a few dozen hours since release.

They literally only came online yesterday.

They were spawning as jillyfish instead before. (Which I definitely saw there)

Pretty sure Eater of Names and Tree of Ages both weren’t spawning reliably/at all either until recently. (I haven’t seen them at all–tho i also haven’t been playing since yesterday’s patch)
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Some people were seeing the Blue Prophets and the Eater of Names before yesterday’s update, that’s for sure. No confirmed sightings of the Tree of Ages prior to yesterday, though, and the majority of people were not seeing the other two either.

anyone spotted the Milliner Bats as well? got a good chuckle out of those

No … where did you spot those?

By the way can anyone confirm that you need to have played The Nativity before seeing the Tree of Ages?

I haven’t done that story in my latest game and just cruised around Saviour’s Rocks without seeing a single beastie.

Apparently new maps don’t have the Feathered Sea, which is where milliner bats appear.

I’m trying to determine what causes the Tree of Ages to spawn. I reset every monster point in all the tiles with TreeOfAges and the map was swimming (hur hur) with them. So I think it’s just a rare thing.

That being said, I’ve still never seen one in Gossamer Isles spawn point. I’m currently working through the nativity stuff to see if it does indeed make a difference - if it does, it’s in the game engine, not the config files.
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Since the patch the other day there’s a bunch of new beasts that I’ve never seen before, the Blue Prophets are my favorite, beautiful and terrifying! The Behemoustache I’m not sure if I’m supposed to take seriously or not :P I also noticed a lot of creatures got graphical upgrades with the release version. I love the Bound Sharks now, they actually look like they’re writhing in pain when they lunge at you.
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I’ve sort of got to the bottom of this now. You definitely don’t need to have doe the Nativity before seeing the Tree of Ages. But…

Most of the game tiles have a fixed population spawn of somewhere between 0 and 3 zee-beasts. Typically 0-2, 1-2, 0-3 or 1-3. This means there’s a pretty good chance of seeing creatures in every tile. GossamerWay has 0-1. it’s the only one with this value, and I don’t see a single creature there, ever. I set it to 0-2 and 1-1 and suddenly, creatures. I’ve docked right next to a spawn point, and reloaded about 50 times from the desktop. Still nothing. So I’m thinking there’s a bug, or I’m being phenomenally unlucky.

If anyone else has got a new captain from post-18th Feb, and has sighting of even a crab in around Saviour’s Ways, then let me know, and I’ll put it down to bad luck. If you do see a crab, keep killing it, and eventually, it’ll stop spawning, and the tree will be around somewhere.

I know I saw crabs earlier than 18th Feb because I spent forever trying to find the landmark Gossamer Way after seeing an angler crab from there because I thought the tile’s name was Savior’s Rocks.

Just found out that you don’t need the Feathered Sea to see the Milliner Bats - Just found them by the Southern Wall between Varchas and Kingeaters.

I didn’t see any beasties in Gossamer Way though :(