Best way to get an Eyeless Skull?

This was somewhat-but-not-really covered in an earlier question I made about the easiest way to get a Ray-Drenched Cinder. There were some interesting revelations there, but it was quickly concluded that trading in 5 Eyeless Skulls is NOT the best way. At all.

Well, I’m ready to launch my expedition to The Nadir now - and I know how I intend to get the Cinder - but I still need ONE skull to get started. And getting one is proving… troublesome.

I thought ‘Seeking Curios’ was the way to go, but I’ve spent the last 3 days literally doing nothing ELSE… with brief breaks to deal with the constantly-rising Nightmares. Still no Skull. I’ve gone insane, recovered, reached 7 Nightmares again, spent half my Insights on getting rid of the nightmares with help from a friend, then reached 7 again… and still no Skull.

Meanwhile, my friend got two skulls from two expeditions to Temple of the Deep Blue Heaven. And then sold them, long before I could use them, unfortunately. Makes me start to wonder if I’m going about this all wrong. Odds of finding a Skull while Seeking Curios is obviously VERY low, and the constant nightmares are a chore to deal with… depending on how good the odds are of finding a Skull at the temple, it might be worth it even with the large number of Actions and Supplies that would have to go into it…

What’s the verdict? Am I just being terribly unlucky, or is the Temple the way to go?

Seeking Curios and Temples are both viable.

I also recommend stockpiling Widow and Urchins connection for their conflict card, where you can pick the Urchin’s side for 3 point of nightmare reduction.

I would say Gallery of Serpent is the most likely way (because 2x Eyeless Skull is the worst possible result for that one), except your rival is very hard to deal with in the Gallery of Serpent.
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We have a thread for this, though if that doesn’t work out you’re probably still going to want to try Seeking Curios. At least there a run of bad RNG doesn’t cost you 50 actions per failure.

Yes, I’ve already mentioned my plight in that thread, to no avail so far. And I’ve PM’d the most recent person to pop up there with an offer of spare skulls, again with no effect. Looks like I’m on my own for this. :-\

As for the Gallery of Serpents - as Estelle suggested - I believe that’s fate-locked? I’ve done it once already, and rather liked what I got from it… but it wasn’t skulls. Just a couple of crazy-valuable Elemental Secrets. :p Point is, I’d have to use Fate for EVERY run at it, which could add up quickly with my luck.

Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven turns up skulls sometimes and that isn’t Fate-locked.

As for getting a skull from another person, I’ve forgotten the details but you have to request it. I think you need to go to Begin an Expedition, have enough supplies and need a skull. Then an option appears that lets you see if any of your contacts has a skull.

I got my skull from Seeking Curios, if it helps.

I assume you have a Cheerful Goldfish. Do you also have a Bejeweled Cane? You can really stave off the nightmares with those two, for a while, anyway…

Just got one - if you still need it send a request.

I don’t know if I’m unusually lucky, but I tend to turn over Eyeless Skulls pretty often in the Forgotten Quarter - I got all five in a day of grinding. The RNG usually hates me, so I assumed they were quite common.

So I just went and sought curios and got one on my seventh action. Let me know if you want it!

ETA - Another 12 actions and I’ve got two now. Finally I find something I’m lucky at and it’s no bloody good to me.
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edited by Lady Eris on 5/10/2015

I think the RNG knows if you need something, and if you don’t you keep getting it :)

It still gave them to me when I needed them, though. Maybe it was having an off day. ;)

Yes, the insidious RNG in this game is… justly infamous. >_>

Anyway, I sent you a request, Lady Ciel - and thanks again. Such generosity is the mark of a true lady. ^_^

Now, at long last, the terrible secrets of the Nadir shall be MINE! MWAHAHAHAHAaaaacough cough …ahem.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the Nadir.