Best Use for Mood Cards?

I have two I’ve been hoarding for a month or so, as I got them in quick succession. But I have no idea what to do with them, as a POSI with decent stats in the 130-140-some range. What should I save them for?

If you have high renown with a faction (likely society) and the skill challenges are getting difficult/impossible to attempt, I keep a mood card around to pass that challenge… though it is an awful shame that I’ve only found one good use for it aside from trying to make an impossible theorum at the University.

The Impossible theorum at the University is both really, really hard, expensive, and lethal. Best use I can think of for a mood card.

Thank you! I will hold onto mine for those attempts. I only got one before this and I can’t even remember what I used it for but now that I’m better off I wanted to save them until they were useful.
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You can also go for SotC 21 or build up a lot of Someone is Coming and use a Shadowy Mood for +.45 EPA.

Unfortunately, at 130-140 stats there’s not too much useful to do with moods, I think - since anything you could do with a mood then you might as well just do later when your stats are 160-170.

The main use of moods is once you’re levelcapped, to deal with stat checks and requirements that are still difficult or impossible. Things like Courier’s Footprint (requires watchful 300), Impossible Theorem (Broad watchful 500 challenge) Poet Laureate (290 persuasive), or raising renown (keeps increasing in stat requirements, getting to 50 requires stat 300 but that isn’t a cap).

At lower levels, just use them when you’ve got a bunch of actions and want to do something that isn’t easy at your level. Expeditions maybe? Affair of the Box - don’t remember what the stat check for that is? One of the PoSI item carousels?

You can always just save them until you’re levelcapped at 200 and are aiming for some late-game things like that, but that might be a long time to hold two cards.
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You can use them for the Avid Auditor Flash Lay too.

Personally I’d discard them since they’re reasonably common enough. There’s nothing one can use them for that isn’t planned for long ahead, so waiting a month or so to draw one isn’t a big deal.

I’ve only ever drawn three of the things in two years of playing Fallen London. They have never seemed &quotcommon enough&quot to me.

Moods may be useful when you answer a Polite Invitation since stat checks there are not straightforward on my 170+ Persuasive still.

Also I leave here a lyrical complain about having no such Opportunity-based adventures on a subject of Dangerous and Watchful matters.
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My main saves them for the overcapped work, but my alts have used them for tougher ambition tasks from time to time.

They are too common as long as your don’t want them. Then they turn into masters of the hiding game.

Personally, the best use I’ve gotten from mood cards is to clog up my deck for months at a time before being accidentally discarded. The only actually productive thing I’ve done with them was Courier’s Footprint, and even then it took me two of them because I ran out of actions like 2CP away from SotC 21 and then forgot all about it for an hour.

I’m currently using Mood Cards to work on Paramount Presence. To get to Poet Laureate at 17 requires Persuasive at 270, and to get to 18 requires Persuasive at 280, and I can’t manage either stat without a Mood. (To go to 19 requires Persuasive at 290, which I can’t yet do WITH a Mood. But once I switch my POSI specialization to Persuasive, I should be able to take my Persuasive stat quickly to 203 without modifiers. With the modifiers I have plus a Mood, that will be enough.)

I’ve only ever drawn three of the things in two years of playing Fallen London. They have never seemed &quotcommon enough&quot to me.[/quote]

They are not one of the common cards but they’re not the rarest either–I forget their actual frequency classification though. How often they turn up for any one of us depends on the whims of the Random Number Generator.

For my part, Mood cards fail to show up for me for weeks, even months on end, and then I may get two in quick succession. Since I have 5-card slots, I tend to keep them till I need them, if I have a potential use for one or two Moods on my game horizon.

When I got my first (and to date, only) Mood card, I saved it until I had a specific grind I wanted to get through with surefireness–in this case, dueling Feducci to the death. Extremely satisfying. Since I had unexpected time leftover, I got to work capturing another beast.

Just make sure your actions are fully loaded when you activate the card so you can take full advantage of it.