Been Here Long?

Somehow, I expect this has been asked before, but I’m curious anyway. Fallen London has been going on for quite some time, and it’s clear from the forums that there are some serious veterans still playing the game. So fess up, how long have you been in the 'Neath.
Just three weeks for me, but they’ve been pretty intense.

– Mal

I remember not being able to echo at some early point in my Fallen London experiences, but this is pretty close to the beginning- April 11th, 1890 (2012 our time).

A few months. A few very amazing months.

Since August 2010, if Twitter’s to be believed. Before People of Some Importance, the new economy, the Labyrinth of Tigers, Mahogany Hall, and who knows what else. Back then, actions had a daily limit and we died at 5 wounds!

@Sir Frederick: Those were the days! ;)
I think I joined a few weeks after that, September/October 2010. The original Knife-and-Candle game was still active when I joined (though I couldn’t for the life of me remember now how it worked)… and on Christmas the actual Mr Sacks made its rounds, not those cheap lacre-imitations we get nowadays! i[/i]
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Oh, man, original Knife-and-Candle! You chose a stance, and then the next day you logged in and all your money was gone! And, d’you know, I liked Actual Mr Sacks. He had urchin chums and he gave me a ride in his sack once.

September 2013, so a shade over two years. My goodness.

I arrived in about April 2011, and remember being a little miffed that I had just missed both original K&C and the Feast of the Rose, back when there were hardly any celebrations during the Fallen London year. I remember the inception of the House of Chimes, the increase of stats to 100, and never getting to the content boundaries (called ‘chapters’ back then) before they were updated.

Apropos early days: I recently saw a Primitive Hat on someone’s mantelpiece, a memento for players from the very earliest days when the game was still black & white. I would love to know how the game looked at the time, if someone still had a screenshot or two saved somewhere?

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It’s probably a year by now, I didn’t echo at all when I started so that isn’t a relliable source.

I’ve been down in the Neath for a little over two years, with a few long hiatuses (hiatese? Hiati?). So I’ve been active for about a total of one year, more or less.

I no longer remember how long I’ve been playing. I think my original character goes back to 2009 (it might have been 2010, I’m bad at dates, but at any rate, it was back when you could only join if you had a Twitter account), and I started my alt when FBG first let you sign up via your e-mail–whenever that was. Since my alt is now a POSI, that was a while ago.
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I believe I’ve been playing since about mid-2012, though I have no record to verify this.

I also can’t really remember how I even found Fallen London, but looking it up now I see that mid-2012 was when Felicia Day mentioned Fallen London (then Echo Bazaar) on her show The Flog, so that might have been it.

My oldest journal entry has a date of 14 July, 1889.

It’s been, wow, four years.

[quote=Estelle Knoht]My oldest journal entry has a date of 14 July, 1889.

It’s been, wow, four years.[/quote]
Or, you know, 126 years :-)

Hush, you! I better see that confession of timelessness within another 126 years.


I feel like a newt among giants.

Newly minted circa Feb 2015.

I came to the Neath in July 1890.

I seem to have joined in April this year. It’s been quite a ride since!

Looks like I joined Twitter - because you needed to have a Twitter account to play, back in the day! - in December 2010.

That means it’s nearly my fifth anniversary, aw. Thank you, failbetter, for enriching my life for all this time <3