Any proud Yachtsmen here?

How did you do it? What’s the best way for grinding for Yacht?

Fidgeting Writer. So much fidgeting writer you’ll be fidgeting by the end of it and want to choke the little b_____d.

I’ve already failed once. My biggest problem are Cellars of Wine for some reason.

The Yacht seems relatively easy, honestly. It is trivial to get Deep Amber, and only the Comprehensive Bribes aren’t readily available if you know where to look. Then again, I went for the Zubmarine (how could you not‽).

On the other hand, I just remembered that my pre-PoSI source for Cellars of Wine was the Author Profession, and my post-PoSI source requires a ship in the first place…
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Getting a ship is one of the most expansive grinds in the game, rewarding you for clever thinking and a good knowledge of London’s possibilities. I recommend thinking hard about where you can get things, as only Comprehensive Bribes have no good source.

Sometimes, luck likes to give out yachts for cheap to random people :).

Oh, but dont worry, I’ll have to replace it with a zubmarine when I go NORTH.

Got it my first try. Got the bribes from fidgeting writer, cellars from my profession, and the rest I just had on hand.

I got my cellars ot wine by plain old up-converting wine I got from attending the Duchess’s salon and calling in favors at the palace.

I got Cellars from Professional Payments, amber from Unfinished Business and I went on a little trip to Polythreme to grind Romantic Notions for Comprehensive Bribes. I started gambling with enough spare materials for six tries and ended up needing seven.

Bribes are really best got from the Fidgeting Writer. Wine and Favors can be converted, but the FW gives huge discounts on Bribes (balanced by the fact there are limited ways to utilize them).

The best way to get a cellar is to get absinthe from boxfuls of intrigue and just upconvert them

Now I keep hearing in my head the pirate virus from Archer as “Hush hush, Yacht Yacht”

Thanks for all the answers. Light is lit, path is clear, i only require the strength to follow it

I’ve gotten a yacht twice.

I got an unearthly amount of Prisoner’s Honey from Unfinished Business in Veilgarden (and the last option under Life of the Mind in Court when I wanted Making Waves as well) and up-converted it. Then bought the Bribes in the Bazaar Side-Streets. It worked out to about 3,300 Prisoner’s Honey and 66 actions per Bribe.

Although in practice I pretty much used the slower way to up-convert Romantic Notions to Visions of the Surface, because I got several Bribes on rare successes, which in this context is really awesome and really makes up for the extra actions.

Never touched the Fidgeting Writer because I couldn’t handle the luck checks.

I got Favours by up-converting Stolen Kisses, some of which I gained through the rare success getting honey in Veilgarden, and the rest through Affair of the Box (plus some through grinding Tales of Terror in the Flit, side-converting to Compromising Documents, then up-converting from there, which gets you quite a wodge of Making Waves).

Got Cellars of Wine through the Box grind too (up-converting Absinthe) and occasionally via the Velocipede Squad loop in Ladybones when I wanted to grind Dangerous instead of Shadowy, repeatedly reading the Riot Act (up-converting Broken Giant).

Deep Amber I got through the AFAIK best grind for that sort of thing, raising fires working for Jasper and Frank in Mahogany Hall.

I sort of feel bad that I got a yacht for Edith with basically no effort. Got the Cellars from her Author’s payment, can’t remember how I got the bribes, and the amber was from Mahogany Hall. I didn’t realize it was a luck check, so I just got enough for the one time and it worked on the first try. A fool’s luck, I guess.

I had everything really easy except for the bribes: Favours from my profession, wines still saved up from the Rainbow of Offerings, and Amber is really easy to grind in Unfinished business. And then there are the bribes, which I also ground through Unfinished Business and which took me days to assemble, since I ended up needing 5 tries.

I have two yachts. My main actually made a Zubmarine and then decided to get a yacht for the one additional point of BDR, which I now kinda regret. He spent fate to skip the luck check.
My alt did it legit, but succeeded at the luck check the first time, to my shock. So, yeah.

I’m trying to get the Yacht as my first ship. Is this a good idea or is it to ridiculously expensive to be a first ship. Should I change to try to get another one? I already did the first step (for getting a yacht).
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This really depends on how many resources you have and how interested you are in owning it. If you already have at least a couple Favors and Cellars (preferably more) and a lot of amber, then you can go for it. Having Comprehensive Bribes would be great, but they are rare, so you’ll likely need to use Fidgeting Writer to get them. Then prepare for grinding. If you don’t have these, then I’d advice to choose steamer and then go do other stuff. You will get more of the necessary materials along the way, so you’ll have to grind less.[li]

Generally a bad idea to get the yacht first- the best route is to wait until you have a nice stockpile of echoes or other items, and get a tramp steamer in the meanwhile. After all, you keep all the licensees, and the only other requirement is 10 echoes in third city relics. I’d wait until you can afford to get at least one yacht attempt before you give up said tramp steamer. [specifically, 5 comprehensive bribes, 5 favors in high places, 5 cellars of wine, 5000 amber.]

I would say that the yacht doesn’t make a world of difference, so there’s really no need to keep yourself land-bound until you can afford it. Still, if a sunk cost of 25 echoes is enough to make you go shipless until you have, on average, 175 echoes in miscelania and 5 comprehensive bribes minimum, then go shipless. (+25 echoes and another comprehensive bribe per failure. with a 20% or 30% chance, it’ll be, on average somewhere between 234 and 275 echoes, plus somewhere between 7 and 9 comprehensive bribes. so… yeah- it’s going to be quite a bit of grinding.)
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