An introduction feels a little counterproductive.

Thank you, then I shall beware of further L.B. … whatever that happens to stand for…

[quote=Ben ]

  1. There’s a subscriptions mentioned in the settings, but I can’t find a way to add to it
  2. My &quotunread topics&quot list is getting longer and longer, even when I’ve clicked into it, even if I view every post on the board, anything that was added since the day I joined goes in the list and it acts like I’ve not seen any of them. What gives?[/quote]

On 2 - I’ve found that checking it on different things seems to fix it. I read at work, when I swap to my phone or home it’s reset to only genuinely unread ones. That list grows till I swap device again.
I like to think it’s a particular quirk built in to reflect some of the nature of Fallen London.

On 1 - I apparently had a subscription to a thread going. I had no idea, so subscribing doesn’t seem to do much. Also, no idea how I did it.

Hrm… The winds are ever changing, are they not…

A tactical opportunity: unleash the Thing from the Wardrobe

Such a strange option, invite such a beast into my home, in order to chase out a worse menace… Course then I must be rid of the cat, and the price.

Perhaps one of those strange seekers always passing cats might spare one, but to risk joining that fate…

I am not sure if this risk is worth it, better to fight the L.B. on more equal grounds.

Oh, and … Nice name there… of course the bloodiest of wars (short of the kriket wars) where caused from being able to understand others with perfect clarity.

Note: Whoa, that was a HUGE bonus to &quotdangerous&quot when I finished, and I finished with the more difficult of two options. Given multiple options, I pick the harder one… and have my own companion now. Wiki shows it’s a bigger bonus then the weapon would have been.

I’ve also lost the flint idol, there was a dream… so many strange options that could have happened to it… and it’s not been the only strange dream of late.

Wish me luck.
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Grinding up a touch of shadowy in the back alleys of spite, trying my hand at the dip…

how would you ever get enough trophies to get 50 to turn in?

10 turns, maybe 2 more from turning unseen into extra turns. Turn over a few extra cards when they have unseen to gain from them, but none of those actually give a bonus, do they?

Is it actually possible to get over 4 a turn?

(okay, looked at the wiki, looks like you can run into some rather tasty cards at high shadowy, Jack gives you quite a bonus if you meet him and do well, is that enough? Wiki also seems to hint that you can intentionally run out of unseen and if you have no suspicion, you get to keep the trophies. Those would carry over to another run and give you a second try at building the total? This: )

The Pickpockets Promenade is tricky and it really depends on which cards turn up as some of them allow you to loiter and drop your progress and there are other options that increase your unseen back up to 3. So you just need to be lucky and only progress using the cards that give lots of trophies while taking advantage of the ones that allow you to stay there longer.

My lowest stat is again persuasive… So back to romance for me a while.

Egads though, every time I complete a seduction, it pops up and suggests I dump them, is every romance fated to end in scandal and melencholy? Or, countrawise, is there any reason to keep any seduction that isn’t rising to aquantince?

I haven’t gone through that place enough times to get even close to 50 trophies. 20 is all you need for the Bejewelled Cane, and I’m pretty sure that’s the best I’ve ever gotten. It certainly helps having 4-5 card lodgings as well, since that increases the number of ‘bad’ cards you can keep on hand to avoid drawing them. But getting to 20 with 3-card lodgings is entirely doable, even at a rather low level.

For the high Shadowy cards you can use Hastily Scrawled Warning-Notes and &quotperhaps not&quot out of the card when you fail, and then try again with another warning note. Easiest way to get enough warning notes would be to loiter suspiciously with someone else who doesn’t care about maintaining Society connections, but you could also use the Church/Great Game faction conflict card which doesn’t depend on stats for the option(s) you’d use for collecting second chances. If you hang around in Ladybones Road without a connected pet you should get plenty of opportunities to trade Valuable Secrets for Connected to: The Great Game +15 CP which means that you could side with the Church every time on the faction conflict card. That’s a pretty sweet deal, given what you can do with all those second chances.

I’m also a newbie. I find the game fascinating (and I got to be Fascinating…:)) but there is so much to learn that it gets to feeling impossible to know what/where/when to do. I’d really appreciate someone willing to be a mentor.

Just FYI…

[quote=Ben ]My lowest stat is again persuasive… So back to romance for me a while.

Egads though, every time I complete a seduction, it pops up and suggests I dump them, is every romance fated to end in scandal and melencholy? Or, countrawise, is there any reason to keep any seduction that isn’t rising to aquantince?[/quote]

You can eventually marry someone; and i know the artists model shows up several times again (i can’t tell you about the men though 'cause i ignored them :P)

(Well actually you can marry another player at any point if you want, but the main benefits of that don’t kick in until you’re PoSI)

… not quite what I was asking, my apologies, I’ll try again.

All the relationships in veilgarden seem to be in the same pattern.

A seduction, a few encounters, and then a betrayal with parting.

Is there any actual sense or reason to this? Am I actually meant to leave the betrayal storylet sitting without giving into the temptation to do it? I’ve already parted ways on good terms with the artist, and a new seduction, a young pair, has slid into place as an open storylet. Is that all life in Veilgarden is, a series of seductions that are then discarded? Do none of these go deeper?

Also, I feel a little tempted to let the next 4 visits of time stack up, so that I can gain the 4:1 trade in. If I get some Antique Mystery this way, I can start to grow my dazed raven. Perhaps this is a bad idea and a month of stat games from time would be of more use, I really do not know. Is there a better source for such a mystery at my level (about 32 in all stats)? I am tempted by the idea of the growing adviser as a pet.

Personally I would recommend using Professional Perks to get Trade Secrets. You get stat gains, second chances and ways to reduce menaces in game but Trade Secrets are only available this way.

It is a long time since I played any of the seduction storylets but as far as I remember they are all pretty similar with some differences to the stories you see.

Once you reach higher levels (ie. 100+) you’ll see your seductions again.

I did get my note from time, and I am saving my first perk, I am glad to have your advice, leading me to confidence that it is the right path, for now.

He also gave me free evenings, but it seems like I don’t know anybody well enough to actually USE them?

First time (heh) I’ve seen Time referred to as male. But anyway. Free evenings are for use with social actions, like dinners or courtship. I’m assuming you know where those are (in your lodgings). You need acquaintances in order to use them, however. Just send your calling card to some users (I’m Teresa Lin on FL). If they accept, they’ll become acquaintances. Then you can do stuff with them.

Odd, I’ve accepted a few cards, sent a few cards and had them accepted, but nothing that uses free evenings seems to not have anybody in the list.

As for time, I’ve never seen them, just a package left on the doorstep, though being a mysterious figure of indeterminate gender myself, it’s hard to tell.

Ben, you need to note that you can’t let the Professional Rewards stack - you only get one of them at a time. So make sure you claim your professional reward each week, but do not use the separate option to use your professional perks until you have accumulated 4 of them. At which point, as others have pointed out, by far the best use of them is to get a Trade Secret.

A huge stack of whispered secrets and enough points to jump me from 24 to 36 on watchful, it was shocking. I suspect that I’ll end up changing my job to my lowest stat each time the healer visits.

Well, I just spent my first ever fate.

I’m not entirely sure if it was the best use of 2 fate, but I picked it up from the survey, so it’s not that big a trouble on my mind.

Well, as I’m not going to burn a love story that I don’t have, it looks like the only option for my free evenings is:

Invite an Acquaintance to a Private Supper

But it only lists two names in the drop down, and not any of the folks who are willing to spend the free evenings themselves. I can exchange games of chess with a larger list, cards sent and accepted. Course, it’s just second chances, I don’t get anything from the making waves, so I could just forget about these for now?
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I honestly have no reason to do it, but I do think I will. I will try to buy every housing that I can at the 3 card level.

I’m short on notions and I’m short on glim.

As I’m grinding for shadows I can grind up honey, and turn that into notions. I can also grind up glim. Course that can fail and get me arrested, but I want to get into there eventually, right?

Did I hear that I should bring some candles? Is there a good way to grind that at about “32” of every stat base?

[quote=Ben ]Did I hear that I should bring some candles? Is there a good way to grind that at about &quot32&quot of every stat base?[/quote]Bring candles to where? I think the Loquacious Vicar in Ladybones Road can offer some candle stubs. But I’m afraid I used to get all mine from seducing colourful Bohemians into leaving the kaleidoscopic church. And Persuasive 32 might not be enough for that.

I also regret buying every 3-card lodgings myself, but back in the day we used to get those lodgings cards whether we had the keys or not, so it was the only way to make any use of the cards. And people said Certifiable Scraps were important! (They’re not. They’re just tiny pieces of white elephant. And I prefer to get more than one at a time.)