An agreement amongst seekers

Aye. If a Seeker who’s near that cap could let us know, it’d be appreciated.

[quote=Esterhazy]As one who has been betrayed, and betrayed another in turn (sorry Nigel) - and found both experiences unpleasant, in their own fashion - is it too late to join this pact?

Also: I believe an Inquisitive band have made their own pact of non-aggression.

A radical proposal: why not nominate our own candidate, an Alpha Seeker who will continue? We could negotiate an orderly flow of tokens to a suitable candidate, rather than the current cut-throat melee. It would be entirely counter to the spirit of the Quest, an assertion of humanity in the face of inhuman forces. It could be marvellous.[/quote]

As long you betrayed Nigel before his appearance here, you are safe and welcome to join. If not, and if Nigel wants your head, then we all have some stabbing to do. To reiterate, any person/mollusk/ocelot who is not on the receiving end of our retribution can and should join our little agreement. I should also add that if you betray someone who is not part of our agreement, and that person/mollusk/ocelot seeks vengeance in return, then we need not defend you.

The idea of an alpha seeker is intriguing, but I may want to explore my own stratagems for a bit longer before conceding.

I love the designated seeker idea in principle, but in practice Life has a bad way of happening to people who begin endeavors in all good faith, and so it is a much riskier proposition than non-aggression pacts.

It’s actually something I was planning with a good friend of mine before this change. Earn prize tokens, then deliberately lose them to her. That way we could both get our knives without so much luck in play. Risk free, but only because we know each other so well.
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As one who has not yet claimed even the first candle, perhaps I am currently exempt, but I would like to uphold this agreement when I clear that hurdle. We seekers are forsaken folk, I would like to believe that even if all others doubt us we can at least trust each other.

I am in favour of such pact.

I’m well over the cap of 50 Iron Knife Tokens: I can’t gain tokens, only lose them. Trading in a Waxwail is, at the minute, the only way to hit 77 IK Tokens.

Honestly I think banding together is probably a good idea, seeing as if we all try backstabbing each other we’ll probably end up circulating the same small sum of tokens around while burning up all the Searing Enigmas known to man.

I am happy to join this. After all, if someone pinches my tokens, I’m just going to pinch them back, so it’d just be pain and irritation all round. Would rather take the friendly, collaborative route to the candle!

I am torn by my desire to be nice and not screw people over, and the exciting prospect of most Seekers banding together to hunt me down. Not that this is an accurate scenario, as I doubt I’d be the only one preying on the hard work of other Seekers. Still, exciting. With unfortunately long lasting resentment from everybody should I prove successful in this underhanded tactic, past the point in which I’d find this hilarious.

Well, there’s a couple of people I won’t stab, at least. I’d have to think more about extending this to everybody.

Its probably worth keeping a list of seekers joined in the pact on the front page, just to ensure no mistakes.

I will gladly join, I do not like this addition one bit.

Popping this into The Singing Mandrake

Mr. Green would very much like to be a part of it, as I am already a member of a more inquisitive pact, and consider pacts to be a wonderful idea.

Immediately upon discovering the theft, I checked every option available to me, to see what had changed, then tried to steal them back from devoted_pupa. Alas, this was not an option, presumably due to the aforementioned escape to Zee.

I would also appreciate being part of this pact.

Oh, I suppose it would be the wiser choice to have SOME protection… I think I shall agree.

I shall agree. I believe in amicable, consenting damnation. (My apologies to Tetsuji; I wasn’t aware of how this whole thing worked at the time.) I would be most interested in a cooperative effort to gain prize tokens for the Cause.

I shall agree, and hope that we all have a smoother path to the candle!

I’m only beginning to Seek, but this Pact seems a useful sort of thing. Count me in.

Ok, I’ll join. I do however, think we should all collect Searing Enigmas. Make this enforceable. Good thing I got a few while I fled to zee.

I’m working on getting extra enigma right now, but I’m really not having any luck. I’ve been at Hunter’s Keep for 3 days and all I got was this bucket full of glim.