Amethyst feedback

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If someone could share where the relevant files (logs, state) are stored on OS X it’d be very helpful. Most of the state seems to live in &quot~/Library/Caches/unity.Failbetter Games.Sunless Sea&quot, but I’m not familiar enough with Unity to tell if that’s the right place.

Yep, and then in the subdirectory /entities

For me, deleting the content of that directory and then relaunching the game fixed a variety of issues :).[/quote]

Can you tell me WHERE exactly can I find said directory? I am on Window 7.

NVM, I make a noob mistake when I post this question without looking at previous entry. Sry
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Incidentally, my experience suggests that this problem is not yet fixed for good. Checking for new content again appears to have re-caused the ‘all options visible’ state, which seems very odd :-).

Pigmote Isle didn’t gain stories, though :(

I am having a hard time getting started with the new build. Combat is a learning curve and the fates are turning against me. Might be nice to have a small area where a newbie can get their zee legs without the risk of immediate death.

My first play of this version was primarily hampered by my crew, one by one, jumping over board to go “home”. That was very annoying. This was a continuation of a previous game, so maybe it was an in game mechanic to enforce a new game…

Was your Terror particularly high, by any chance?

I must admit that having the Zee Bat swarms where they are is very hard for a new player to avoid. As I have been playing for a while I now take new captains to the East of Hunter’s Keep to avoid that stretch of water.

Also Terror seems to rise really quickly and there aren’t as many safe/lit zones as before. In the previous build I could coast hug up to Venderbight or down to Mutton Island without incurring too much terror.

Just started a new game with Amethyst. I encountered bats galore on my way up to Venderbight. I finished one battle, and was attacked again before I could even restart the engines. And then after that battle, the same thing happened (a total of 3 or 4? times). Finally, I was able to make it to port.

On the way out, I decided to dock with the Light Ship. As I was leaving there (no story yet), another bat swarm attacked. This one pushed me sideways up the map before the fight. Defeated the swarm, and then I was unable to do anything. Can’t start sailing, can’t dock, can’t do anything. I had to quit to desktop and will try again from my Venderbight save.
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That pushing sideways thing is horrible. I just tried to undock form Port Cecil, there was a beastie just outside and, I think, because I wasn’t out of the docking circle I couldn’t fight it and it just kept banging me into the dock. As I was in dock I saved the game and sailed back to London as quickly as possible with a heavily damaged hull.

Edit to add - For some reason saving clears any beasties off the screen. So, in future, if there is anything hanging around I’ll just save and reload.
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Nope, that’s one in the “I missed it completely” column. Thanks!

Yes, it did that for me when downloading new content, and it’s just done it again.


Yeah, I didn’t have that problem at first but downloading new content seems to have triggered it. Welp!

I had that all options visible problem.
I needed Alexis to walk me through on how to do it but it does work - you need to find and delete the entities folder.

[color=#009900]I’m now struggling with the same problem as I write and test, so there seems to be an extra wrinkle. We’ll fix it after the weekend, but in the meantime, call it a sneak preview feature. :-)[/color]
[color=#009900]Also, new content.[/color]

The option to go to the Surface at the Cumean Canal still seems to be locked by Key of Dreams. So, er, I guess it’s a good thing that this bug happened, because now I can tell you that thing.

Took a trip to the Surface. Visited Naples – nice place, not much to do. Regret forking over the Scarred Sister to the Abbey. Spent some time ashore, which did nothing but lose me Crew? Traveled back Below. Now I’m stuck at the Cumean Canal port storylet. I can’t X it out, can’t Esc to the menu, can’t launch, can’t etc. Reloading from my pre-Surface save seems to fix the issues.

Could there be a better way of assessing pre-combat whether a monster is likely to sink me? (Here I think I mean: clearer, as in more specific/obvious!)
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Fuel reloading doesn’t work quickly or gracefully if it happens right as you’re leaving a port. The ship can be forced to drift without power or lights for unpleasant periods of time before things are set to rights.

A few more thoughts:

God, I love the zee-beasts. It’s a perfect pleasure to see a Bound-Shark, or Angler-Crab, or Lorn-Fluke, swimming around menacingly. And to blow them to bits and harvest their innards.

Station III’s story is amazing.

The Cutter is one fast little ship! Practically useless for adventuring purposes - no hold for trading and no hull for fighting - but that thing can outrun a zee-bat swarm with the right crew and engines.

[quote=Alexis Kennedy][color=#009900]I’m now struggling with the same problem as I write and test, so there seems to be an extra wrinkle. We’ll fix it after the weekend, but in the meantime, call it a sneak preview feature. :-)[/color]
[color=#009900]Also, new content.[/color][/quote]

I downloaded the new content and I’m back to seeing all possible branches.

I will say I really like the new places and new beasties.

It did take some time to get used to the new combat system but I think I’ve got the hang of it now.

Terror rises really quickly and I’m having trouble getting my Amethyst Captain further than Venderbight,and Mutton Island. Though I have also been to Hunter’s Keep, Demeaux’s Gate, Abbey Rock and Shepherd Isles.

I just don’t seem to be able to make enough money to stock up on fuel and supplies to venture further afield. Hopefully I will get lucky soon and pick up something really valuable. But I must admit that any extra echoes left after managing terror and having enough fuel and supplies to get back to London have been spent on buying the available officers

Fortunately previous saves are working so I’ve managed to see a lot of the Amethyst content.

I do have one question - how is it decided which items take up hold space and which are in the other inventory slot? I’m having to avoid Lorn Flukes as I can’t find anywhere to offload the Cores.