Ambition: Enigma [OLD]

[quote]An occurrence! Your ‘Ambition: Enigma’ Quality is now 1!

Please don’t share the answer liberally or trivially: do by all means share clues.[/quote]The Enigma Ambition is real. I’ve put it on my mantelpiece; here’s how it appears on my profile:

I’m going to respect the request not to just share the answer, but will say the following things:

[ul][li]Finding it takes more than one step;[/li]
[li]I would not have done so without a discovery shared by LordPaido on IRC;[/li]
[li]The moments between my last surmise and actually acquiring the quality were of unalloyed excellence, and I wouldn’t want to spoil them for anyone.[/li][/ul]I’ll try to answer questions helpfully, so long as I can do so without detracting from the potential fun.[li]
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Hah, wow, this is pretty awesome. Congratulations, Flyte! I see that I’ve woken up to no small excitement.

Woah,amazing. Time to go mad searching for it . Before i start though : Is it Fate locked in any way ?[li]

[quote=Antur]Is it Fate locked in any way?[/quote]No.

Do any of the steps involve leaving the main London map (the map being the places you can quicktravel to)?

It is another an access code. I am calling it.
Ah, why must such exciting things happen at 3 a.m.? I hate time zones.

Stunning, Flyte. Congratulations.

I don’t think I want to change now, so: do you have the opportunity to back out once you’re clearly on the right path?

Well, it looks like he has Enigma alongside Nemesis, so I don’t think changing is involved at all?

Laluzi, duh, thank you–I didn’t actually look closely at the image, obviously. Hmm! Interesting.

Is Enigma SMEN related?

No. Flyte is not a Seeker.

Yes, what Laluzi said – it’s filed as an Ambition, but doesn’t replace your existing one. And getting the quality doesn’t require Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name or any other SMEN content.

[quote=Saharan]Do any of the steps involve leaving the main London map (the map being the places you can quicktravel to)?[/quote]I’m pretty sure there’s no way to stumble on the quality, so I don’t think anyone would profit from travelling to unusual locations without a clear plan in mind. I’m not going to say whether or not such travelling is in fact necessary.
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I admire Flyte’s ability to stay coherent instead of just flailingly gesturing towards his mantelpiece like I’m doing at the moment.[li]

[color=#009900]Oh, excellent! Well done, folks. This has made my evening. Thanks for respecting the request in the solution.[/color]
[color=#009900]I’m mindful of how frustrating people found a previous treasure hunt, so I’ve scattered quite a number of precursor clues (nearly sixty, in fact, although most of them are identical) to make it a slightly less binary experience, and allow future generations to stumble on it. Apologies for any frustration: but this is not, and will never be, an essential part of the game, or even of Mr Eaten. (EDIT: there is a little bit of content in the Ambition, but don’t count on many updates, either.)[/color][li][/li][li]
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Well the wiki clue was amusing at least. The hivemind still has no idea what this all means.

As I googled the Enigma Ambition, it spat out this interesting little mantlepiece. Judging from the content of her journal, this lady probably have not played in a long time, but she has Ambition: Enigma at 5. Could it be that the Enigma Ambition was something that has always been there?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe she is a past Failbetter staff member! Hence also having the Key of Dreams, which is a developer-only item.

Belia, she once worked for FBG.

That user also has the Key of Dreams, which is the developer key that allows one to edit Storynexus worlds. They worked on the game!

E: Pipped twice.
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That’s a dev account. Only FB has Key of Dreams.