Advice Sought on Plan to Obtain Three +40 Renown Items

I have spent the last 2 months grinding most of my faction renowns to 40 and obtaining the associated +40 items. I have four of these items left to obtain. I just got 40 renown in Bohem, Revol, and Great Game and will shortly have 7 favours in each. I want to make one trip to Mirror-Marches/State of Confusion to obtain all three items. Will the following plan work to achieve this:

  1. Use Mahogany Mirror to enter Mirror-Marches.
  2. Use storylet to obtain Bohemian +40 renown item
  3. Use storylet to obtain Great Game +40 renown item
  4. Use storylet “Step through mirror” to move to State of Some Confusion
  5. Use storylet to obtain Revolutionaries +40 renown item
  6. Equip bejeweled cane and cheerful goldfish to lower nightmares from 8 to 6
  7. Grind nightmare reduction to exit State of Some Confusion

Will this work? Are there any pitfalls in the above plan about which I should know?

Are there any helpful items to bring or not bring?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

phryne, Thanks. I am not taking as elaborate route as you did. Your #3 under “And this is what happened” is all that I want to attempt.

For your step #3, do you have any advice or items that will help? I was unaware that “State of some confusion” involves the Royal Beth.

As long as you move to the Royal Beth and have the correct number of favours, does it have to be at 8 Nightmares? Or to put it another way: could you run down some of the nightmares in the Mirror-Marches? That’s what I might do, but mainly because I prefer the marches over the Beth.

Karoline…, Thanks for your reply. I have never been to either the Royal Beth or the Mirror-Marches except for the latter as part of my Light Fingers ambition and I think that ambition provides additional options for leaving the Mirror Marches. Frankly, I do not really even remember what I did there.

You say that you “prefer the marches over the Beth”. Does this mean that the process to lower nightmares in the Mirror Marches is easier to accomplish than in the Royal Beth?

If so, I like your idea of reducing the nightmares in the Marches and then only eliminating the last bit of nightmares in the Royal Beth.

Does anyone else have any advice or suggestions on this latest idea or my plan in general?

Hallowmas is coming in 3 weeks. During the event, it will be possible to leave The Mirror-Marches via special storylet, and other menace zones via other special stories. In addition, surplus menaces can be exchanged for the Spirit of Hallowmas

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Hi, vinish,
Nobody has intervened on the point of switching after running nightmares down somewhat, so maybe it’s feasible (unless switching in itself actually bumps them up to 8 again – maybe I’ll try it out).
The marches have two types of cards: one type that lets you view scenes in London proper and remember; one of sundry big cats, fruit, general scenery. Of these, the memory ones reliably reduce nightmares, as do the cats; but some of the others increase them instead. So some cards can be played quite safely (they change as nightmares drop).
I generally prefer being lost in the tropical forests and chatting with cats to being locked up in an institution, so if perhaps not easier, it’s more pleasant… There is also a running quality in the Beth to do with tracking down the manager, but I don’t think I’ve ever managed to actually do so.
The Hallowmas point is a good one, actually.

The storylet for switching from the Marches to the Royal Beth has no requirements whatsoever, so you can do it anytime.

Indeed, I can confirm that switching does not affect the nightmare count, though it does give a small boost to Wounds.

Thanks to all responders. While the idea of waiting 3 weeks for Hallowmass is a good one, I am too impatient to wait that long. I am primed to go NOW :slight_smile: All I need is one more revolutionary favour and I will take the plunge. I have been drawing cards for ~20 hours now without a single revolutionary favour appearing :frowning:

If you haven’t already, you can always use your once-a-week Favourable Circumstances to draw a meeting card. And if you’ve already used it, but have 7 Notability (or enough Bizarre/Dreaded/Respectable to grind it) you can buy another, although for one favour waiting for your time-the-healer to give you one for free (or luck to give you the Card first) might be better.

Dang!!! You are totally correct. I had forgotten about option. I still have my Fav. Circ. option as I very seldom use these. Thanks. I will go use it right now. Unfortunately, in a fit of pique, I just blew all my actions in the Underclay gaining some glim. I will head to the Mirror-Marches this afternoon about 5:00 after I return from my bridge game.

It went quite well. I followed the above listed steps and it took around 20-25 actions to get in, get the three 40 renown items, and get back to my lodgings.