Advent comes to Fallen London!

[color=#0066ff]Christmas approaches, bringing questionable snow and hooded visitors. Stay in, and burn a candle with us!

The Fallen London Advent Calendar

From today until the 25th of December we’ll be handing out advent treats via the Fallen London Advent Calendar.

Each window will give you a snippet of Yuley narrative, and something besides: trinkets, magpie-treasures, and occasionally, something rare.

Each will expire after a minimum of 24 hours; so collect them swiftly. If you’d like a daily reminder, follow us on Twitter.

Christmas Cards

Tell your friends you are thinking of them this festive season. (Don’t tell them what you are thinking of them.) Neathy Christmas cards are now available in four designs, with room for your own message!

Your stock of cards will be replenished weekly by Time, the Healer, from noon on the 2nd of December.

You need to be acquaintances with another player before you can send them a Christmas card. Attend to Matters of Society in your Lodgings, where you can send a calling card to a contact to make their acquaintance.

Finishing School Festivities

If you’ve played The Empress’ Shadow, a card will be available in Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School where your students can engage in the festivities.

Exceptional Merchandise

There’s some very special, limited-run merchandise coming before Christmas. In the meantime, our Spreadshirt shop has all of the print-on-demand apparel and accessories you could ask for: Individual of Mysterious and Indistinct Gender clothing, Correspondence and Dawn Machine hoodies, delicious mugs, pin badges and all sorts besides.


hello im not sure if this was a glich and if it was im deeply appoligetic I had no idea but around midnight all the advent doors were opened and you could claim 25-22 so sorry if it was (I have a screen shot if you need it)
edited by the old man on 12/1/2019

(sent several cards to some friends in a place they won’t leave and found it oddly exciting just like throwing coins into a wishing well. neathy romanticism.)

That should probably be emailed to
edited by Siankan on 12/1/2019

Greetings, Delicious Developer!

Many thanks for this informative missive about the upcoming festivities! A quick point of clarification, however:

Will it be necessary to have completed The Empress’ Shadow in order for our eclectic band of finishing school students to participate in the Neathmas festivities or will it be enough to simply have started that storyline?

Thank you.
Best Regards,

[quote=the old man]hello im not sure if this was a glich and if it was im deeply appoligetic I had no idea but around midnight all the advent doors were opened and you could claim 25-22 so sorry if it was (I have a screen shot if you need it)
edited by the old man on 12/1/2019[/quote]Failbetter was made aware of this early Sunday morning and did manage to resolve the issue before the official launch at noon. This means that on days 22-25, you won’t be able to use the access codes because, well, you already used them, but otherwise, it shouldn’t be an issue.

(If you recorded the Advent codes and cross-referenced them with past years’, and/or if you peeked at the icon names in the page source to see the name of the new icon, there would be spoilers, but that’s a fairly niche issue.)

about advent im egerly awaiting day 2 has nobody else got it or is it a me problem

It will be open in about three hours.

Me: Clicking frantically on Door 2 “Let me in! LET ME IIIINNNNNN!!!”

D’you know, I love scones.

Mr Wines: Down below the Neath, where marvels and long life await. X
Down below the Neath, where scones and your aunt await. O

Just in case this saves someone else some time…

The reward for the 2nd day…

is a Weapon with your Aunt’s face as an icon. Continually refreshing and desperately searching the Curiosity and Sustenance categories will avail you naught.

Also, does it bug anyone else that the preview function doesn’t implement spoiler hiding?

I love scones myself. Though I never use jam; clotted cream only for me!

Here I was hoping that it would be another form of sustenance that I could actually craft from my lodgings.

A pity.

The fact you get the Scone recipe from your aunt is triply funny if you have a Guest room at the Brass Embassy and you’ve also decided the Devils can put up with your aunt.

come on let me in the fifth door let me in


Sky-stories, a rat, and suddenly I have all the enigmas I need!

indeed nearly the moment I posted that’s an enigma in and of itself
edited by the old man on 12/5/2019

That’s possible?

I may need to rethink my hoarding propensities

On the other hand, I’m a Correspondent

Burn, my star-tongued mysteries! Burn!

At least the servants know where we keep the Correspondence-salve