A wedding Gala.

I and Catherine Raymond are scheduled to be wed. Now, none but the best venue shall do for us, but… the cost! The effort! If any kind souls have suggestions on effectively raising the supplies, we would be grateful. For echoes will not do- things are needed. Bizarrely, though, rats go a much longer way than their price would indicate… but that’s beside the point. [li]

When preparations are nearing completion, we will see about our guest list as well. Cheers!

I have no advice for you, but wish you both all the best!

First of all, congratulations on your engagement!

I haven’t followed too closely on the actual character wedding mechanic.
What’s the process and what materials are you after? If there’s something I can do to help I promise to try.

First of all congratulations!

We’ve only planned for a Zee Wedding but I hope this info can help you as well. Other more experienced players may have more knowledge to impart than I could. Anyways here are my suggestions (IMO, from best to worst).

*A Night on the Town is one of the best grindable items but costs MW. I’ve spent my hoard from my character’s Journalist days though rather than make them (The things you do for love :P)
*Personal Reccomendations and a High Church Connection also give a big boost
*Incendiary Gossip and Whisper-Satin Scrap are tier 3 items. You can side convert other tier 3 items to make them or convert them from tier 2 ones (I used tier 3 items from the Flit to side convert)
*Rats are awesome; you can never go wrong with rats.:D

A night of the town cost you 20 compromising documents (which you can grind at 1.73 echo / action via the box, so for 5.78 action 10 echoes of documents), plus 50 intriguing gossip. Excluding extraordinary successes, you can gain 53 of them with 11 actions via unfinished business, so 10.38 actions

for a grand total of 16.16 actions for the material, plus some X number of actions for the 20 points of mw, plus 1 actions to cash-in. This gives you a weasel and 64 points of Organising a wedding.

This means you have one point of Organizing a wedding for each (0.27 + x/64) actions.

Another really nice options are rats! They give out 10 points for 500 rats.
Keep your hands quick (the best rat source i know) gives on average 1 echo of rats for actions. So you need 6 actions to cash in 10 points of Organizing a wedding.

This means: one point of Organizing a wrdding each 0.6 actions.

By comparing the two, this means that you need to accrue 20 points of making waves in at most 21.12 actions to have that “night of the town” is better than rats.

This is completely feasible via Caligula’s coffee house and free dinner.

If you have some tales of terror, you can make compromising documents and MW out of it. And that’s nice.

Memento - i did not calculated the mw you need to keep your notability. If you have a really high notability (i would say, 8+) this has to be kept in account.

Some more advices:

  • If you have a lot of connected: church and you do not mind to lose it, i would advice you to use your suppers, grind night of the town and then persona reccomandations.

-if you like, i would advice you to side on the church in all the Church VS devils and Church VS great game cards. you will gain only 30 connection points of church, but i think this + the added benefice of scandal reduction / second chanties may be wrathful enough.

  • Becoming a writer gives 2 night of the town a week, 1 blackmail material, 1 cellar of wine and some other nice stuff. I think it is worthful the cost to change work.

*** You will receive soon a bag of rats which will help you in the preparations, and an invite to Shylan & Edlaine wedding.

Since rats seem like a good source, perhaps you could ask a certain space marine for help? I will see if Loogan can send you some. Krawald is still hoping to get an answer from his beloved soon, so he’d rather keep his rats for now.

On the subject of rat-related assistance, does it cost an Action to accept/open a gift of a hundred dead rats? If so, it seems like a bit of a waste for two players to spend one Action each just to transfer 100 rats when the recipient could probably get (almost?) that many through some grind or other. I can see the fun in sending stuff like that, but as far as actually helping it seems highly inefficient.

But if it doesn’t cost an Action, then any inefficiency ends up with the sender, which doesn’t seem so bad, since the point would be to pool resources and help one player. Uh… Then again, perhaps that would lead to alts doing a lot of helping, so I could certainly see why anything beneficial would have to cost the recipient something. Oh well.

No, it does not cost actions to accept rats.

But you need a card to send them, or 1 fate. Even if you have alts (or really nice friends), it is slow, or costly.

The only possibility i see is to have a LOT of friends sending you rats - but, hey, you gain just 10 points of Organizing a Wedding for 5 pack of rats.

Given that most stuff may be upgraded to something useful for the wedding (silks, wines, rumours…) a surprise package may even be more worthful, but if you aim to the 10k wedding, the best thing is people helping you to make waves (for example, through dante / suppers / sending you a request to attend to their salon if you are a writer) in order to get more MW

Rykarmalkus, may you or katherine please send me one of your address via MP?

Thanks for the advice, all!

So, it would seem that the best option is to grind &quoteavesdropping&quot in Spite (my experience gives me about 150 pence per action of it), to convert to tales of terror, to give you MW when you convert it straight to compromising documents. Add that to intriguing gossip that you’ve ground, and you’ve got a (semi-sustainable) way of generating nights on the town and thus an efficient wedding.

Rats are the second best, and make excellent pre-wedding gifts, though allowing someone to have you for a private supper will help them keep their MW up. The best pre-wedding gift is to invite one of the couple to speak at your Salon (as they will both likely be Authors).

Also as Andrea mentioned… every single piece of an Author’s payment contributes to a wedding, and is actually worth the profession-switch.

I don’t suppose anyone has advice on a better source of stolen correspondence (or Intriguing Gossip) than robbing couriers? That seems like it will be the bottleneck, especially at less than 100 pence per action (of stolen correspondence, at least).
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I share Mr. Malkus’s thanks. It is fortunate that I am an Author–that should help us accumulate the necessary resources quickly!

I am writing separately to withdraw from participating in reciprocal Feast gift exchanges for the remainder of this year’s Feast. You may continue to send such requests to my alt, cathyr19355 (who is planning to stay safely married to her Cultured Attache). Thanks!

That last note suggests that I am correct to believe that a player-marriage is occluded by a current in-game spouse: correct?

I’m fairly certain you can’t get married to anybody (NPC or player) if you’re already committed.

You (and Ms. Hysaro) are correct. I had to divorce my Jewel Thief husband, which had the effect of severing my connections with the Criminal element; little loss I say.


I’m still not clear on the wedding mechanic and in what way we can help out.
I sent a few rats, as people seem to indicate this is useful.

Would an invitation to attend my salon be useful to you at this point in your preparations?

[quote=dov]I’m still not clear on the wedding mechanic and in what way we can help out.
I sent a few rats, as people seem to indicate this is useful.

Would an invitation to attend my salon be useful to you at this point in your preparations?[/quote]

Indeed! The mw is a necessary component for NotT, and not so effectively grindable (apart from boring coffees).

Moreover, one has the possibility to read his / her / other votes or love poetry aloud. And the Bazaar likes it.

Just, be careful to remind the receiver when your &quottime, the somethinger&quot arrives, so that the mw boost may me meaningful for both.

The only thing I think I’d add to Andrea’s delightful answer earlier is that the rare success for Robbing Couriers in spite is unfortunately common. I usually end up having to spend 4 extra actions per 200 stolen correspondence.

[quote=rykarmalkus]The only thing I think I’d add to Andrea’s delightful answer earlier is that the rare success for Robbing Couriers in spite is unfortunately common. I usually end up having to spend 4 extra actions per 200 stolen correspondence.[/quote]Oh? In that case Write a letter or Attend a dance under Attend to matters of romance at The Empress’ Court might be better options, as each gives 18 x Stolen Correspondence and some Fascinating… (+3 CP for the dance, +2 CP for the letter).

Ah, would that I could return to Court! Anyhow, I think my options (since I’ve run out of church connections to use in conjunction with Touching Love Stories) are to make NotT’s when I’ve got people to invite me to speak at their salon and come to dinner, and grind rats the rest of the time. And fret over whether to use up my 5 tears of the bazaar for my wedding or for Master’s Blood for that special trade with the Club this week.

I do believe at least one of you has exchanged a Calling Card with me; I’d be happy to invite you to Private Suppers if it would at all help. :)

Ah, I believe we’d be the ones doing the inviting, if at all possible. With only five free evenings each per week, and a substantially greater benefit to the host…