A Spire-Emporium (and other Lodgings)! Gadzooks!

See this delicious Twitter tease…[li]

I want one, to augment my premises at the Bazaar. Now I can only wonder how much it will cost…I wonder if this will include an action that gives 5 or 6 scraps…[/li][li]
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Wondering A LOT. About the emporium and the other new images - Newgate Cellar, Dripstone Temple, Snail House _

Where are these pics?[li]

If we’re discussing new lodgings I would love one like Mr. Iron has.


Though I have no idea what I would use 10 card slots for.

if you go to a certain related wiekia and look on the right side of any given page except the home page you’ll see the photos they mean that are being added.

Ah, most excellent. Though the Spire Emporium is definitely the most-suited to a player of schemes such as myself.

I’m partial to the snail house my self. Never have gout again.

I like the spire and the temple. Im more for size though than lenght. Where’s my manor lodging? :O

I will stab you in knife and candle if you make an innuendo out of that.

Where are these pics?[/quote]

On the Echo Bazaar Ow.ly profile: http://ow.ly/user/EchoBazaar

Lovely art. Evil foreshadowing. FBG at its finest.

I dont get the cellar though. I actuly wonder, Are these lodings maybe just there almost purely for schemes?

Hm, are we sure these are all Lodgings?

They certainly seem to be, the Spire-Emporium in particular. And the Snail House.

Not sure when these will be introduced into the game but I love the Dripstone Temple.

But why whould we want to live in a cellar. Or a snail.

Why wouldn’t we want to live in a snail?

[color=#ff9933]It’s like I don’t even know you.[/color]

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I, for one, eagerly await the opportunity to live in the spires of Proto Neo New London.

I just think it’s pretty.

TBH rethinking my life, The snail seems pretty awesome. Temple is best though IMO.