A Return to the Great Hellbound Railway!

Today we’re releasing a series of enhancements and improvements to the Great Hellbound Railway! The Great Hellbound Railway is an expansive storyline that unlocks after your Persuasive reaches 175, and once you are a person of sufficient importance within London. These new additions expand upon activities and round out stations throughout the journey.

They include:

  • New Research Projects in the Jericho Library
  • Practising Law in the Courts of the Evenlode
  • Story Additions to Burrow-Infra-Mump
  • New Artwork!

Read the full details over on our blog. https://www.failbettergames.com/news/a-return-to-the-great-hellbound-railway


NEW ARTWORK!!! Thank you so much for your glouriagnificant new pictures for us to look at! I’ve wanted to see what unique artwork for the stations would look like ever since seeing Station VIII, and my dreams have finally been answered! Also being a lawyer sounds fun.


Does anyone remember what the headers of each railway station were before this update? Something generic like this? Or something else?

It was that for every station except Station VIII, which always had a special header. You can still see that one at Ealing.

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“It is also now possible to develop the old ruins at Burrow into a secular freehold. This is an alternate means of completing the station, and does not commit it to any faith or denomination.”

Fantastic! This has been the main thing keeping me from progressing in the Burrow, and I’ve wanted an option like this for ages. Does anyone know if the Freehold option is picked at the end of the various church appointments, or if you have to pick it at a particular stage?


Well, that was high time. I was always uncomfortable with being pushed towards founding an actual church, however silly or hilarious. Worth spending the Fate to replay the story now!


Agreed! In real life I’m not Christian, and that pretty much always carries over to my characters, so it was weird to have them suddenly be onboard with making an actual Church, with deacons and bishops and saints, even if technically the doctrine wasn’t exactly the same.


Though I haven’t built the Burrow Church yet (‘Appointing a Parish Council’ remains untouched), I presume I’m too far ahead to choose the new secular option now.

Please tell us of the rewards for picking that option.

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I love that all the stations have their own art now. I had hoped this might happen one day (and asked for it here at least once). Thanks.


I love the Evenlode court cases.


Anyone know when and where the living story picks up at Burrow? Should I just check back after 24 hours or so?

Did you start it yesterday or today? Per the patch notes, the timer(s?) have been adjusted. I don’t know what the new or old values are, but my guess is the new one is 24 hours.

If you started yesterday, you can email support to have them poke your Living Story manually.

Uh…hoo boy, it’s been a busy day. I will hazard that it was very early today, but yeah 24 hours sounds about right. Thanks anyway.

So, the new Magistracy Lawyer activity includes uses for the Hallowmas forms of the Unassuming Judge, who is the society renown 25 item. From this, I think we can predict that they will likely be in this Hallowmas rotation to upgrade. So if you aren’t at Society Renown 25 yet, I would start working on that!


Unsure if this is an issue, but I’ve been grinding out Jericho Loch’s research. I noticed most leads vary but Consult the Presbyterate directly only seems to have the same result four times: Fallen London

I think this is a mistake because the text is identical to Correspond with fellow scholars - Fallen London Wiki (424 on the table) a lead from the previous experiment.

What card am I looking for in Burrow? How common is it? I’ve been drawing cards there and haven’t gotten it

It’s a Frequent card called “A Rose for the Dead” with a picture of a rose. Took me a while to draw it as well, but it’s there as long as your Church level is 50+.

Has anyone worked out how you make the Burrow secular, or what point you make that decision at?

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Luckily you can’t discard it, so don’t worry about missing it!

It’s an option under “Broken Spires”, directly at the beginning, before you do anything else in Burrow (with Church in the Wild still at 0):

You need 5 Strong-Backed Labour, 1 Night-Whisper and 1 Waswood Almanac for it!

And here’s the resulting text.

The freehold allows grinding Vienna Openings with a not too difficult Player-of-Chess challenge.
There’s also an option with no requirements that allows grinding Human Arms.

You can still build any statue, the Museum of Souls, the Allotment Garden and even invite God’s Editors. “Promulgate Doctrine” is called “Enter the Life of the Mind” instead and features the same options. So you really don’t lock yourself out of anything. The text is great also in my opinion, so really well done this to Failbetter!