A question to Seekers all the way NORTH

If you go past the Gate, it is the end for that character. Will you start an alt and stay around for the rest of London? Or will you just end your journey NORTH and say goodbye to Fallen London?

Edit: I am not seeing an option to edit the poll, but I meant to type STAY in place of YES and QUIT in place of NO… D’oh.
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I admit, this is a question that I’ve been mulling over ever since what the End does to your character was revealed. The Gate brings a sense of finality that I fear no other story in Fallen London will ever hit head on. It is tempting to leave. I know there will be more Fallen London Content in the Future, but man. I don’t know if anything will ever seem more than just frivolity after the grueling grind that is SMEN.

The only thing keeping me from throwing my hat into the ring and calling it quits is that one of my close friends just entered Fallen London and is really having fun. I feel obligated to show him the ropes and do silly stuff with him now that he’s finally a part of something that is very near and dear to my heart. I have an alt that is very nearly a PoSI who will probably be my continuation, at least, until that alt becomes a seeker and explores the path my main could not.

After that? Yes, I will be done. I will be finished and tired of the beautiful world failbetter has woven for us.

I am still mulling that over also. I plan to continue playing my main; it is my alt who is Seeking. So why should I not take her all the way? I never even wanted an alt originally–she happened by accident, as part of a botched attempt to associate my original character with my e-mail address instead of my Twitter account.

But now I’m not certain. It might be a splendid challenge to turn away at the last step, and see if I can rebuild her into a more normal Londoner again.

Then again, I may chicken out long before reaching that decision point. :-)
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In my first week at zee, my crew lashed me to the mast, as I sought answers to these questions in honey-mazed visions.

In the second week I surrendered my navigator at the shores of a Cage-Garden. Soon after, my mind became immune even to the blood nectar I received in return. My eyelids have turned a translucent rose. I watch the roof through them as I sleep, but the constellactites scream as I try to understand them.

Last night a monster hunter boarded my ship and told me a tale. Together we stormed the engine room and carved the Clay stokers into an interlocking statue, a pumping heart covered in faces. Now we zail north, the granite bait dragging behind us. Even if the hunter’s plan fails, Olmen’s map has planted the inkling of an idea…

In your poll, is “yes” stay around and “no” quit? Because you posed an either-or question with a yes-no answer. =>

I will stay. I actually created an alt a while ago to experience the revamped early content fresh but I can’t actually play two characters at once, so perversely I’m looking forward to it.

I’m most definitely sticking around and even making an account to replace Delmar. Starting up a new account is always pretty exciting, so I’m definitely looking forward to it!

But the real question is, is there someone that will make a second account, only to seek the name again?

I’m tempted to organize a race between Seekers creating new accounts, but Fallen London’s mechanics gives too much an advantage to unemployed insomniacs. (Unless there’s a way to track total actions somehow?)

Well, technically my replacement alt will be Seeking the Name. He’s just gonna turn away from the Gate at the end…probably. Depends on how curious I am as to the other two Questions.

I’m taking a break for a while, I’m emotionally burned out by Seeking and need a break. I’ll probably return in a couple months.

Bjornth, I’ve read a few of your Journal pages and also a lot of the Journals of other advanced Seekers and I think you more than deserve a rest! Hope to see you again upon your return.

i voted yes but i dont know what the yes means

I don’t know what &quotyes&quot means for me either, which is why I haven’t voted yet.

Because only my alt is Seeking, I will still be around even if she goes All The Way. And I haven’t decided whether she will go All The Way, as I said.

I’m not certain. I have the feeling that if (when) I reach the end, I won’t have the energy to start again.

There’s just too much invested in my current character - years of gameplay and role-playing (not to mention lots of Fate, and unique Kickstarter items. Oh, and Cider…).

I’ll still keep on the Seeking Road because it’s such a defining character attribute for me (more so than any other Ambition). But I’ll take it slower. And I might delay the actual trip NORTH for a long while. (I have started Seeking now with a couple of alts, so we’ll see how far they go).

I’m fine with a tragic end to my character. It makes for a good story, and Seeking is one of the best stories in Fallen London. However, actually having a reachable end point causes a conflict between two of Fallen London’s core attributes: it’s both a role-playing game and a story.

Stories need an ending (as Alexis noted in his article). But role-playing games can theoretically continue forever (with new content being added periodically to keep things fresh). I that if I finish Seeking, I’ll be satisfied with the story, while losing further interest in the game.

This reminds me of that other poll with only one option.

It is sad that we have so much not yet covered or played out, but people are already dropping out…

There was a time when I was so very addicted to FL. Being the impatient, impulsive person I am, I ended up with half a dozen FL accounts, at least 4 of which went on to become PoSIs. Then I got bored and left the game for a bit.

I’ve only come back to the game now that SMEN is back, and I’m embarking on the long seeking road with all my PoSIs. I’ll probably leave FL permanently after I destroy all my accounts, though I fear I’d just get bored and leave again before I accomplish this epic task.

It’s kind of the other way around for me. I won’t be done with FL when my main goes NORTH. My main goes NORTH when I’m done with FL. I plan to bring it to the edge of oblivion and when I’m ready for it to be over it will jump. That’s the plan anyway. It’s hard to resist a big red button.

In the mean time, I have 2 other accounts hurtling towards oblivion. One was created for this purpose. The other is a long time alt that I currently plan to turn around at the last moment but that could change. I guess we’ll see how I feel when I get there.

But enough about the referendum.

Yep. I’ve an alt I just started on, got the first three points of SMEN and will slowly rise it week by week while doing other things and then turn back at Avid Horizon. My main account is about halfway through the grind, and will go all the way. I’ve always played Fallen London for the story, not the role-play (which is probably why I’m pretty shrug about sacrificing my character), and SMEN is a seriously fantastic story with writing I want to experience first-hand.

I definitely won’t be leaving Fallen London as there is so much to explore. I already have a few alts taking different paths. Ciel has always been the Seeker but I’m probably not going to take her all the way through the gate. While Seeking was on hiatus she became fascinated with other things so I want her to get that Parabolan base camp and find out more about the Presbyterate and it sounds like the Dilmun Club will also let me explore the North to some extent eventually. Though the Dilmun Club is more of an interest for one of the others.

Also going through would remove a Parabolan Panther from the game and there are always new people who want kittens (I don’t think it has been answered anywhere if we will be allowed to transfer Kickstarter rewards to a different character)

Because my other characters have never had any interest in Seeking, and it would be too difficult to change their feelings, I have already started a new character who will go all the way North. But it is going to take some time as they need to open up areas of London and get the resources needed to take this path.