A question to Seekers all the way NORTH

I’m just using an alt for SMEN, rather than my main account with all the stuff on it, so I have no reason to quit once I go all the way.

I voted no as I see this no as “no, I won’t stay around”. I love FL, but waiting many years for an ending or even things to do (other than grinding ridiculous amount of items) got me bored. Very very bored.

I’m happy SMEN is complete, thanks to that I’ll be able to “finish” this game and go somewhere else.

I’m not entirely certain, actually. I never chose an Ambition, which means I’ve long since run out of most of the available content that doesn’t require Nitebrite levels of dedicated grinding. The return of Seeking revitalized my interest in the game (starting with a loud scream that Mr. Eaten was tweeting again). On the other tentacle, I’ve Kickstarter and Real Life Money rewards that are irreplaceable, and a lot of time buried in her. It would be easy (and interesting!) to pick an Ambition and see how it plays through after a round of total self-destruction. Post-Seeking game mechanics might be an entirely new sort of challenge.

If I decide to do that, I’ll likely turn back at the last second and start an alt to take all the way. But if I end this character, I doubt I’ll return to London. Which would be a pity. Even though I’ve spent a while playing only here and there, I really do adore the world building and the writing.

I can’t see the poll results as I’m not a seeker. What do they look like?

Overwhelmingly in favor of “Yes.”

The poll is a moot point, I have failed to set it up properly :(

Well, I’d probably leave.

I can see the appeal of an ending, but I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’d miss all the FL content that came afterwards.

So I’m dragging my heels along the slow road through the marsh-mires while I think about it.