A New Living World Event: The Midnight Whale



A lost colossus begins a final migration. Gather your harpoons and stoke your engines – today you turn them towards a less bloody cause. A Midnight Whale has been spotted near the Gant Pole, and all of the superstitions of the Unterzee demand that it is aided on its way.

Today, we’ve launched a new living world event in Fallen London. Players with access to a ship and one point of Monstrous Anatomy can set off to aid the Midnight Whale. To begin the journey, check your cabin on your ship. The event will run until the whale reaches the Gant Pole, and its final resting place.


Anyone have an idea when/if you should “end your guidance” of the whale and turn it over to someone else? I’m up to level 25 In Pursuit so far and don’t want to keep throwing actions away if there’s another hidden timer determining when success happens.

From my experience, guidance can be ended as low as 12 In Pursuit. From the phrasing of the successful result, rewards will increase in time.


“End your guidance” is the success. You’re not building towards anything else.


Is it worth burning up all the actions for this? I am a Monster Hunter now, for some reason.

Will it be similar to hunting other sea critters? Increasingly harder challenges (higher chance to fail, more actions spent), but increased rewards at the end.

Yes, it’s basically one additional hunt. Same mechanics, same countdown tracker for how many things there are left to hunt (in this case, reflavored as “distance” instead of number, since there’s only one whale). I don’t remember the exact rewards but there wasn’t anything unique or unusual (just like the other hunts). I don’t see any mechanical or rewards reason to burn up lots of actions for it.

I love that it’s something different from a hunt this time!


Well, lorewise it is very different. Mechanically, it is just a hunt.

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Yeah, but I like the story detail, just makes it feel a bit more varied.


Hm, it got easier just now, rather than harder as I expected. 11 Pursuit instead of 12 required. Perhaps guiding the poor thing is easier as we approach the Gant Pole.

Earlier today on the Discord Luke said he adjusted it from 12 to 11.

I do not understand what we are supposed to do with this whale watching quest. I have sought the whale, found it, and increased my pursuit to about 13. At 12 I got the opportunity to end my pursuit and let another ship take over the pursuit. I did a few more pursuits and raised my pursuit to 13 and then ended my pursuit. I got a bunch of small rewards. I did not see whether or not this reset my pursuit so that is my first question. Does ending the pursuit reset my pursuit level to 0? My second question is:
Are there are any longer term rewards for pursuing the whale watching? Is a counter incremented for each case of pursuit, for example so that at the end of the event you get a reward depending on how many times you have pursued the whale or for how high you raise your pursuit or some other factor?

Thanks for any clarity you can offer.

There isn’t much more to it than what you already did. Mechanically, you raise pursuit to 11 then cash out in for rewards. In past hunts, there have not been bonus rewards at the end. The rewards change as the hunt goes on, but it’ll be more of the same items, not something Way different (as long as this hunt is like others, of course)

I enjoy the more ecology oriented values of this event.

[edit] Especially the description of the whale evokes the sort of awe that well-made real world nature or science documentaries do.


Was there some kind of epilogue with the whale reaching the Gant Pole?

It hasn’t reached it yet. I’m guiding it right now. It’s less than 20% of the way I think. The distance quality started at 50 k and goes down so if you happened to see some 40k that means the “hunt” is only beginning.

They managed to tune it so that it lasted more than a few hours the first time? Gasp!

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Thank you. Didn’t pay enough attention yesterday, saw the bar full and thought that was it (akin to the fist crab hunts :))

Back to Zee then!

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Absolutely agree! I especially love how the whale’s descriptions pull on all these planetary metaphors. I feel like we get so used to grandiose metaphors and by the late game we’ve taken on so many powerful and weird things that it can be hard to build up that sense of colossal awe, but the way it doesn’t even notice you and you’re just trekking along in its wake pouring cannonfire into it makes it feel cataclysmic in a way that even the Bazaar struggles to feel (and I dearly love the Bazaar).


I’m slightly confused as to what we are even doing, lore-wise. Seems like I am just chasing the thing. How is that supposed to be helping it?