A New Living World Event: The Midnight Whale

We’re guiding it to the Gant Pole. Whales swim there to die, but this one has gotten a little lost.

Indeed, I understand that, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in the text that indicates that I am guiding anything. Everything I have done has been stalking and pursuing just as in a hunt, and then when I catch the beast, rather than the usual slaying of it, I simply stop. Not really any ‘guiding’ going on, as far as I can see.

I think they needed to alter the text of the actions in some way for this to make any sense. It’s unclear to me how continually diving in my sub to ‘flush it out’ helps the situation in any way.

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You shoot it, and it turns away from the annoying pinpricks, and towards the Gant Pole. You’re herding it, one way or another. It’s too big for any one ship to take down, so doing the same thing achieves a vastly different result.

That’s odd - I’ve got several texts that specifically relate to guiding the whale.

You shutter your glim-lamps and snuff your candles, chuffing along in the darkness. Foster the colours of the deep. Peligin blooms on deck. In your crushed-black holds, gant flowers like a lure. To a beast searching for the Pole, born in the blinding darkness of the Unterzee’s depths, it is as though you have lit a beacon. The Midnight Whale pursues you – pursues its end – dogged and weary.

And yet try you must, if you are to direct this beast home. You speed ahead of the patient colossus and sink charges into the water ahead of its path. You time your detonations with the whale’s arrival, turning the zee into a concatenating chaos of wave and foam. The explosions are not large enough to harm the beast – but they are an inconvenience, and the Midnight Whale adjusts its course to skirt this interruption.

The Midnight Whale brushes off your barrage as a horse might swat a fly. Even ailing and ancient, this behemoth makes even your most murderous fusillades look like an urchin’s lobbed roof tiles. But – just watch. Bioluminescent constellations shimmer and reshape beneath the whale’s translucent peligin skin. Nebulae flower like bruises. Little by little, the whale turns, slow and inexorable as a planet. Your pestering has – ever so slightly – changed its course.


Looks like I’ve been using the wrong options, neither of which seem to have flavour text that give the impression that I’m doing anything other than an ordinary hunt.

Thanks, I’ll try some different options on the next run.

Just got ‘Distance from the Gant Pole: 127’. It’s nearly there! Going to see if I can get into one more hunt before the End comes…

It has ended, the Midnight Whale has reached it’s final destination…

And we had a little epilogue of this event :) how delightful!

I liked this take of the “hunting” event. I guess it was due to both the idea that it’s a single “hunt” so colossal it requires days, coupled to the more friendly subject matter.

RIP Midnight Whale.

Where and how? :slight_smile:

I can’t remember exactly how. It’s at zee. I think I charted a new course, and it appeared as a storylet.

The two echoes are in my journal if needed (the last two from where I pointed).


I’m not getting the event being visible in the London Gazette or on my ship. I have the Feral Crocodile to hunt - is there something I need to do to unlock the whale? Not sure where to go for it as what I’ve read says the Gazette… And not in the cabin either - so where do I go to unlock it or I doing something weird?

The whale hunt ended - you’ll have to wait for the next time they bring this event back.

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Lovely! My loss alas for missing out onw hat looked cool. Thanks!