A New Festive Tale Available for Fate!

[color=#cc0099]The Empress’ Shadow, a brand new festive Premium Story by Emily Short, available 23rd December!

Teach at Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School! Recruit students and train them in important skills, such as deportment and maiming. Then send the class to plunder the secrets of the Empress’ Shadow – Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, who is visiting from the surface!

The Empress’ Shadow will be available beginning 23rd December for 35 Fate. Begin this story at The Empress’ Shadow: A Royal Barge at Wolfstack Docks, available throughout London during the festive season.

If you’d like to learn more about fate of the Empress’ family, another holiday tale, The Gift, is also available to purchase. A festive favourite from years past, The Gift is a tale of terror, aberration, and the horrors beneath the Palace, by Chris Gardiner.

The Gift is available for 30 Fate, and you can find it via Explore the Festive Season, available throughout London.[/color]

omgomgomg I can’t waaaaaait this is going to be amazing

Excellent cover art.
Frequently Deceased was one of my first ES’s so I’m thrilled to see the author’s work for this season.

Wait, so the gift is the same story you can find in the fate page, isn’t it?

Great news!
I also fully recommend “The Gift”, in anticipation of the new story.

Are we robbing the royal family? Fantastic.

How do I find the story? Through Explore the Festive Season starting on 23 Dec? Not now? Thanks

Oh! I am looking greatly forward to this one :D


Is the gift not normally available outside the holidays? The way these announcements talk it sounds like it’s ONLY available then, but I know I’ve seen it a few times around.

The Gift is always there, the announcement mentions it due to its similarity in background context with the new story.

I hope the Empress’s Daughter doesn’t visit for too long, otherwise the sun will get jealous.

Last time that happened it set off an eternal winter. :p

The Gift is always there, the announcement mentions it due to its similarity in background context with the new story.[/quote]

Also, since The Gift reveals a lot of background information about the royal family and their unusual circumstances, it’s probably a good idea to play that now before the new story comes out.

Oh my heavens and hells. A class of eager students and a chance to infiltrate the Palace once more. Only 51 hours to go.

Time! Move faster!

I can’t help but notice that Sinning Jenny’s Finishing School is apparently a den of violence and iniquity :P

Well, its London. We’ve only met one character who wouldn’t fit right in. (Thank you for being a good person, soft hearted widow)

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The Unsinkable Governess was able to impart practical lessons and behavior without going full pirate :P

The Unsinkable Governess purposefully got herself killed repeatedly to get a fancy position, then vanished from that family’s lives forever. No violence, but that’s iniquity of a sort.

As are all establishments of education! Just ask the professors at Benthic and Summerset. Heh.

The thing to remember about iniquity is that it requires a moral code to be judged against. And those who rebel against morality need not be identical in their intent, their action, or their remorse. There are those who seek to destroy, to steal, even to dare change the moral code itself.

One wonders what a Shadow may Judge immoral…