A Humbly Incomplete Guide To Notability

Hello, all.

It seems that with the recent changes in the Notability system, the complaints and grumblings (including mine!) have died down, but there is some lingering confusion over how best to pursue the goal of notability. While this is not intended to be a complete guide, I will put down what I know of the mechanics (which are relatively straightforward) and some tricks that I’ve used to achieve Notability 10 while splitting my time between London and Corpsecage Island.

I do encourage others to add their insights below, and of course to point out any errors.

  • Nomenclature: Notability has Levels. Making Waves has Levels that are advanced with Change Points in the normal FL fashion. I will try to be clear when referring to Levels or Change Points (CPs) of Maving Waves (MWs)
  • Getting the First Point of Notability: FIrst, be a Person of Some Importance, or POSI. Second, draw the Amanuensis Card. Third, have a sufficient level of Making Waves to argue for a more emphatic type-face, which is the way you get more Notability. (Alternately, someone who has Notability to burn can draw the card and sponsor you by donating a point of their own Notability. This is hugely expensive for more Notable players, though-- see below.

    [li]The General Forumla for Making Waves Levels vs Notability is: 20 - BDR + 4N
    where BDR is the sum of your equipped/activated Bizarre, Dreaded, and Respectable, and N is your current notability. This formula has two important effects: First, it makes increasing Notability ever more expensive (in terms of MW levels) and second, it makes BDR gear exceptionally worthwhile in the long run. For example, I just checked, and I can muster up 24 BDR points, which means I basically need no MW levels at all for the first or second point of Notability. Someone with no BDR will need 20 levels of MW just for the first point.[/li]
  • Getting More Notability: Is just like the first point, except easier (mechanically) and more expensive (by the formula.) Once you have Notability, you can summon the pesky Amanuensis to your door. Go to your lodgings, attend to matters of society and scandal, and select the appropriate action. You won’t be allowed to do that if you don’t already have sufficient MW levels to advance your Notability, which is a nice safety feature. Basically all you lose is an action.
  • What Happens When You Increase Notability: You lose MW levels, down to the maintenance level for your new Notability level. Which means that if your new level of Notability is, say, 5, you will lose all your MW levels above 5 no matter how many you had to start with. Needed 15 but had 25? Tough, the excess are gone.

    [li]Maintaining Notability and Making Waves: Once a week, Time the Healer comes around to kick you in the Notabilities. Two things happen, as far as I can tell, in this order:

  • Your MW levels are checked against your Notability Level. If the MW level is strictly lesser than Notability, you lose a Notability point, otherwise Notability is unchanged.
  • Your MW levels are then cut in half. Note, I said levels not change points. It takes something like 78 MW CPs to get to MW level 12, but only 21 MW CPs to get to ML level 6. Yet, Time the Healer will knock your MW level from 12 down to 6. (I don’t remember how the rounding works for odd levels of MW, sorry.)

    So what this means is that you need to be aware of roughly where you fall in the weekly Time the Healer schedule (and be aware that this is not something you should time to the second, the minute, or probably even the hour) and you must replenish your MW levels on a weekly basis. But, the way the advancement system works, if you advance your Notability, you are placed exactly at the maintenance level, so you have between one and two weeks before you need to deal with it.[/li]

    [li]How to Make Waves: This is what it’s all about, in the end-- Making a lot of Waves if you need high notability for something (like a new profession, say) and Making regular Waves for maintenance purposes. Here is where this guide becomes non-comprehensive, because I do not have an encyclodpaedic knowledge of all the cards and options, but in general, there are a few broad classes of cards to think about:

  • Minor Cards: These are cards like Promenade with the Celebrated Artist’s Model, which gives you a small but random number of CPs, or the Soft-Hearted Widow (two options), or an Invitation to Dinner, etc. Some of these trade connections, or need connections, or trade commodities, and so forth.
  • Item Conversions: Some of the mid-tier item conversions grant MW points, now, including, but not nececssarily limited to: Tales of Terror → Extraordinary Implications, Stolen Kisses → Favors in High Places, and Extraordinary Implications → Uncanny Incunables. There are probably others. These are usually random but with lucrative expected values.
  • Social Activitie: Most or all of the &quotChallenge a friend…&quot options raise MW when you win.
  • Publishing a Newspaper: I haven’t done this for a while, but my memories are that it took a long time and gave you very little in the way of MWs. Maybe that’s been re-vamped.
  • Lodgings Opportinites: Ah, now we’re talking. Most (not all) of the lodgings cards now have an opportunity to trade something of value away for a substantial amount of MW CPs. For instance, if you own land at the Bazaar, you can hold an auction and exchange a Personal Recommendation, a Collection of Curiosities, and 4000 Society CPs (that is not a typo) for usually triple digit amounts of MW CPs. (95-140, says the Wiki.) Only you can decide if that’s a good deal. Or, more modestly, the Heron Tower will exchange a Parabola Linen for about 70 MW CPs.
  • Tower of Eyes: This is a special case of Lodgings. The Tower of Eyes lets you set up a Salon (which I’ve done) or an Orphanage (which I’ve not, so I can’t talk about.) The Salon is a kind of a carousel-- once the salon is set up ( a one time activity) then when you draw the Tower of Eyes you can either pursue a scheme, which grinds connections and mid-tier commodities for Scheme points, or you can invite guests which exchange Scheme points (and sometimes additional requirements) for MW CPs. This takes a while, so the benefits are usually substantial. Apparently, inviting the Duchess will net you in the high three figures, but I’ve never been that bored or desperate. One wrinkle is that who you can invite depends on your acquaintances, connections, scheme points and the Airs of London! Rob an Anonymous Wretch in Spite to change the airs.
  • The Tower of Sparrows: Authors and Journalists, oh how I envy you! The Tower of Sparrows allows you to exchange Nights on the Town (and a wide variety of lesser connections and commodities and some money) for a highly variable amount of MW CPs. You know how you get Nights on the Town without being an Author or a Journalist? They cost about 20 MW CPs and some Influence commodities at The Bridge Without in the Bazaar Sidestreets. This is effectively a storage mechanism for your CPs if you should find yourself with a surplus. And! And! And! This particular action is chain-able-- if you have enough Nights and other requirements, you can immediately play this card again after you’ve cashed in. Obviously, this takes planning.
  • Putting It All Together: So to be effective, I recommend the following things. First, BDR: Get you some, right now. Second, pay attention to the Time the Healer schedule-- try to be at or just barely above the maintenance level at that time of the week. If you’re maintaining, make sure you have enough. If you’re trying to increase, either start right after that, or be darn sure you can make it all the way by that time. Third, be prepared. Stockpile the commodities you use, and when you use them, grind them back. A lot of the higher end rewards depend on drawing a lodging card, and you want to be able to use it immediately. I pursue salon schemes whenever possible, for instance, so I always have Stolen Kisses and high Bohemian Connections on hand and when I use them, I try to grind them back that very day.

I will try to watch the comments and update this if I’ve missed anything major. Anyone who would like to comment on orphanages, please do so, as I know nothing about how they work.

I hope people fund this useful.[li]
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Converting wine to honey at the honey dens in veilgarden gives you 1 cp making waves and converts 50 wine for 40 honey. Wine can be acquired in bulk with unfinished business there too. This method is hardly fast, but its the only grindable method I know of, so its a way of making your extra actions do some work. It also leaves you with tons of honey, if you need it, otherwise its a minor profit.

Some connection cards also offer small amounts of making waves. The docks, for example, gives you the opportunity to trade 10ish rostygolds for a small amount of MW and connection.

On social actions. If you have a spare account/friend that doesn’t need MW, you can do social actions that give both of them MW, then use dante’s grill to “steal” the MW from the other person.

You can also write songs in the Singing Mandrake for Making Waves.
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This guide is just brilliant, thank you so much.

Wish it was around a week or so ago when I first started trying to go for notability, but I’ve muddled through so far, and now have all of 3.

Which of course is nowhere near enough - the numbers must become bigger!

I can cobble together 18 BDR thanks to feast of the rose items, and am not far short of enough echoes to buy the (only thing?) that’ll give another +1 for the boot slot, so that should make it 13 MW…which still seems like quite a lot at the moment.

Guess I just have to get used to blowing the expensive stuff now. Next step probably needs to be making that Salon.

Oh, one more thing - how ridiculously hard to get/vast amounts of fate is that bifurcated owl pet you have, because I obviously want one!

Didn’t give me any the last time i tried it.

you could write songs for 3 actions that give 5CP in MW. but they all cost a few materials.

&quotWrite a lewd satirical song…&quot in particular has some negative side-effects.

The poetry in the Singing Mandrake gives better MW/action than trading wine for honey, I think; although it is random, and there are costs and penalties associated with some. The easiest way to go about it is to write Nocturnal poetry until scandal accumulates, and then write Celestial poetry to decrease your Scandal (find some other way to deal with the wounds)

Good initiative! :)

[quote=Humblest]… and 4N is your current notability.[/quote]This looks like a typo to me, as it’s only the N that is the current Notability, which is then multiplied by 4.

[quote=Humblest]Item Conversions: Some of the mid-tier item conversions grant MW points, now, including, but not nececssarily limited to: Tales of Terror → Extraordinary Implications, Stolen Kisses → Favors in High Places, and Extraordinary Implications → Uncanny Incunables. There are probably others. These are usually random but with lucrative expected values.[/quote]I’d like to add the three ‘sideways’ conversion that give MW as well:

Incendiary Gossip -> Memory of Distant Shores (1-10 CP)
Tale of Terror -> Compromising Document (1-8 CP)
Zee-Ztory -> Strangling Willow Absinthe (~5 CP)

Since these conversion go in a big circle you could grind MW and get roughly 1 CP + 0.50 Echoes per Action. At the very least it would be worth it to convert any of these resources before selling them.

There’s also a shortcut: Tales of Terror -> Compromising Documents -> Memories of Light -> sold to the Bazaar for Cryptic Clues -> Appalling Secrets -> Tales of Terror

This ‘Reign of Terror’ used to give 1.6 MW/Action when Tales of Terror gave a fixed +8 CP, but now it’s only ~0.9 MW and 0.81 Echoes per Action. Not that bad, but it doesn’t beat a salon I guess. It was a sad day when I was about to actually start my own Reign of Terror, only to find out that it had become properly balanced. I snooze, I lose.

Well, I wasn’t actually snoozing, I was busy with other things than Notability. And now that I’ve reached the 8 levels that give 96% chance to get a Surprise Package from An unsigned message, I think I’ll go back to worrying about other things than Notability and Making Waves. Because level 8 is really easy to maintain every week. Just the Free Evenings alone give plenty of MW when spent on private suppers.

they’re songs.

Songs are just poems with a backing track.

There’s no pure poetry in the Singing Mandrake as far as I can see anyways. That stuff seems to be in Literary Ambitions.

I have no idea what you could possibly mean.
(Good catch, I just made the edit to fix that.)

I also plan on filling out the list item conversions, but I’ll wait a bit for others to keep chiming in, so thanks for adding them.

[quote=xiani]This guide is just brilliant, thank you so much.
Guess I just have to get used to blowing the expensive stuff now. Next step probably needs to be making that Salon.

My suggestion would be grinding echoes with the Box Full of Intrigue and getting those BDR points. I cannot think of a better first investment to make if you are going pursue Notability very often, as they reduce the cost of every single cycle.

I’m not sure I’m allowed to give details, but it was (as I recall) mostly effort with a small amount of fate to grease the wheels.

&quotDiscuss philosophy whilst taking the air&quot at the Empress’ Court under &quotLife of the mind&quot is 1 CP MV and 0.94E in honey for each success of a 94 persuasive challenge, for those who have not been banished. (It sadly also has a non-MV rare success, I think around 10%, that provides neither echoes nor MV.)

I have no idea if it locks, sorry-- I can only get my persuasive to 120 max and Wiki does not say-- but with a talkative rat and some cheap gear it’s an option up to at least 150 persuasive.

Man, I would grind Notability up to-- well. I would grind it real high if I could end my exile that way.

I’m not sure I’m allowed to give details, but it was (as I recall) mostly effort with a small amount of fate to grease the wheels.[/quote]

Really? As I recall, the bifurcated owl requires two fate options for a grand total of about 45 fate.

The Owl needs two fate locked stories, a voyage of scientific discovery and pets you get from the labyrinth and trips to Zee, the Tomb Colonies and Flute street.[li]
edited by reveurciel on 2/16/2014

Ah, Flute street! That’s what I forgot!

Great guide!

Does anyone know exactly when Time the Healer comes by? I know it’s sometime Wednesday for me (US- Eastern Standard time), but I’m not quite sure when.

I mainly use opportunity cards to grind MW, particularly the Tower of Eyes. Right now I have my salon scheme level up to 14 or so and I will probably wait until after the next Time the Healer to use it up. I make sure to always have my connected society and bohemian over 50 by grinding at the Shuttered Palace and make sure to always have Stolen Kisses and Favours in High Places… so I get Compromising Documents whenever possible as well.
edited by Asami Sato on 2/16/2014

Last week it was 2 am Thursday Feb 13, but I wouldn’t count on it being exactly the same time for everyone . . . ?

Mine is late on Sunday. I am 99.99% sure that they are different for everyone-- possibly for technical reasons on the server end, but that’s mere speculation.