A Guide to Lacre?

The wiki is quite blank about Lacre gained destines…

I had my visit from time, and didn’t get another bucket.

The Destinies are always the same no matter which holiday it is.

Yeah, it’s not the right time to get snowed in yet. I think next week will be when that storylet becomes available to us.

Well, I am keeping an Urchins card in my deck. I am thinking the moment they start selling snow is the moment your lodgings will start getting snowed.
What I am wondering is whether there will be new gifts from the Masters this year.

Yep - Stones and Apples.

I wrote a thing! I don’t think it covers anything not mentioned already in this thread, but, well, still. The lacre fell just as I posted this, which I am certain is a conspiracy to discredit me. or, uh, something.

[color=#ff9900]Psst! Everyone! I hear that SpaceMarine9 doesn’t even like rats.[/color]

See? What did I tell you? They are out to get me!

Could anyone confirm that to buy lacre from the The Roof-Tops: Urchins card requires a night-whisper? The option isn’t even appearing on mine, but that might be because I have do not have one :(. I was really hoping it would start off only costing storm-threnodies. Any advice on getting night-whispers reliably and quickly?

Edit: Ok the option appeared after I gained some taste of lacre. It does cost night-whispers, which is very disappointing. I’m just hoping the RNG is feeling kind…
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Confirmed - you can’t see the option if you don’t have PTPT: Taste of Lacre 1. It’s definitely not cheap. Same price as it ended for last year - that is 1 Night Whisper 7 Storm Threnody and some other stuff.

Night Whisper is best farmed from the, uh, Angsty Poet. No, wait, that’s not right… The Tales of Terror storyline…

Does Taste of Lacre use CP in its increases, or just go up by levels? I’m at 2 after the advent bucket, so I think my best bet is the monocle twice to get to 8 but I’m not sure what might get me to 9 from there. Huffing tears, maybe, in an emergency or if I get really unlucky with the monocle (SotC is only 8).

No, it’s a linear quality. Looking at it twice with a monocle is def. your best option; you can get to 9 just through the Mr Sacks stuff.

Despite having been through this whole lacre business twice before at least, I’m always a little unsure if I’m missing something. If I’m already happy with my destiny, have no interest in a noman and have all the lodgings I can get from the Wicket then there’s no real need to worry about my Taste of Lacre quality, right?

Well, I don’t have the 5 card Brass Embassy lodging but I don’t think I can get that From the Wicket. If I recall you have to be soulless and the devils won’t touch mine after what I’ve done to it while Seeking. But no mind - all shall be well and all manner of things shall be in a well. Or something like that.
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Assuming this year is basically identical to last year and adds no further uses for Taste of Lacre, then yeah. You could always buy Tears of the Bazaar from the Catafalquerie in the Nadir, but given that the Urchins are going in hard on the ground floor with prices it may be hard to turn a profit, cash money wise. Still, if you really want tears, it works; 7 Taste of Lacre is only 3 buckets, if you’re careful enough.

Does anybody know if Incarnadine Robe gives out new items this year? Anything better than the bell from last time?

Tears are pretty rare, so that’s what I am using my Lacre on. Two Nadir visits and no Catafalquerie so far. Ah, I am having deja vu.

There are new items. We got a sneak peek before they were ready a little while ago, and they’re back now. Mr Stones’ gift gives +1 Bizarre +1 Persuasive, and Mr Apples’ gift gives +1 Dreaded +1 Dangerous.

Oh, oh! Nice. throws money at the screen

Anyone want to guess the price of next year’s lacre? 3-4 Night-Whispers? a Starstone Demark?

Seriously tho, the darn price just rises every year…not good.

This had better be the maximum normal price. If it increases any more I won’t bother buying any buckets.

Yeah. On the one hand, I get why the price is what it is. The buckets are pretty valuable if you have access to Nadir. On the other hand, Failbetter, did you really need to nerf Christmas?

I think the one who get hit by the worst are people who aren’t POSI or just newly POSI, really…like me.
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