5 Card or Remote Lodgings: Your personal choice?

So having played less than 6 months, this was my first Christmas season and my first opportunity to get a 5 card lodging, and a remote lodging. So I find myself with a conundrum of which to use and I’m just curious as to what others do.[li]

At the moment I use a 5 card lodging and keep 4 cards &quotdealt&quot so as to remove them from circulation. 2 of these are City Vices, the others are just cards that seem to come up with annoying frequency (i.e. Investigating the Affluent Photographer)

Of course, I could achieve the same effect by switching to a remote lodging, in that it would automatically remove the City Vices and I could still keep the other 2 cards dealt.

Is this something others do, and if so, what was your choice? Alternatively, am I just overthinking things? :P

(Or best of both worlds, keep Remote until heading out to sea, then switch to a 5 card)

I’m in a very similar situation, and this being my first Christmas as well I went ahead and got 1 each of the 3 and 5 card lodgings because I couldn’t decide. So far I have been staying in the 5 card partly just because of the excitement but I expect I will be moving to the Cellars before too long to escape City Vices. One of the main reasons I went for the 5 card first was I enjoy going on burglaries in the Flit and that extra space in my hand when dealing with un-discardable cards is really nice. I also expect to be going on a zee voyage in the near future and it will come in handy then, but I think once I return I will be contacting the movers.

I don’t think you can /over/ think Fallen London. At least that’s what I tell myself :)

Personally I went for the five-card although a remote lodgings would probably have been smarter on my part. And as far as I have seen while at Zee you will always have a max of three cards, as I only get three when at Zee and yet I live next to the bazaar.

I almost always stay in a Remote Address, only change to my 5-card-lodgings for going to the Nadir or Polythreme.

Polythreme was actually what I was thinking of in the back of my head… remembering how frustrating it was doing Heart’s Ambition without a 5-card lodging.

Shouldn’t there be a poll attached to this question?

5 cards are much better if you frequently visit locations with their own deck which isn’t infinite-draw-3-card-slots. Of those, there’s only Zee travel, Flash Lays, and Jenny’s school (I believe). Every other location greatly benefits from a 5-card lodgings, including the Nadir, heists, Polythreme, menace areas, Pickpocket’s Promenade, Parties, etc.

Now, if you rarely visit such areas, then using a Remote Location might be better for you. However, I found that the 5-card lodgings are very useful, not only to hold bad cards from appearing, but to store good cards for later (most notably Mood cards, but other cards as well that are waiting for the right moment to play). 3-card lodgings don’t give this sort of flexibility.

Aside from the Music Hall Singer, many of the City Vices card are avoidable (Artist and his model) or infrequent (Weasels).

So 5 cards will be best if you have less city vice cards.

I stay with a 5 card simply because switching for the Nadir would be bothersome. I may reevaluate this someday if I can get rid of all my lodgings from SMEN.

There are what, 6 or so city vices cards? Most standard frequency. If you can hold two Frequent frequency cards that you don’t normally use (say, Handsome Townhouse and Royal Beth lodgings cards), then you’ve almost made up for the City Vices cards and have 5 slots available for other things.
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5 card lodging. I’m not bothered by drawing City Vice cards as you can discard them and I like having the space to hold undiscardable cards until can get rid of those profitably.

5-card for certain. Kaijyuu is dead-on about holding a couple of frequent cards to thin the deck.

5-card lodgings are critical for optimal heists, which have the benefits of giving you MW to maintain your notability and letting you draw extra cards on average if you exit properly (with 3 cards ready to draw), even if FBG has nerfed the enigma rate to bring them down to ~1.8EPA (d___ them!).

Lastly, proper favours management for maximum EPA sometimes requires you to hold a number of cards until you get to a full 7 favours of one type or another. That situation is only going to increase in complexity as the number of factions converted to favours increases.

As someone grinding Renown with everyone, I get stuck with multiple Conflict cards on the regular. I’ve had two Conflict cards and a Mood more than once. I definitely like the extra breathing room of five-card lodgings. And I go to parties frequently for the Favors.

Aside from that, I like fancy houses. I am willing to suffer sub-optimal City Vice cards in order to satisfy my whims. Plus I actually play the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer cards, so it’s not such a waste for me.

5-card lodging. I have one city vices card, aside from weasel tournament and the perpetual prompt to befriend the music-hall singer. I can basically deal with anything the game would throw at me with the spare card slots.

If I’d screwed up and wound up with the model or his assistant, I would be more likely to flee the city.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot not everyone considers the scandalous occasion worthwhile. So that’s 3.x cards for people who don’t think it’s worthwhile.
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That’s disappointing, the last time I went to zee I only had a 3 card lodging (town house) and was looking forward to more options next time.

That’s disappointing, the last time I went to zee I only had a 3 card lodging (town house) and was looking forward to more options next time.[/quote]
Zee travel, Flash lays, and Jenny’s school use a special mechanic - in these areas you are limited to holding 3 cards, regardless of your lodgings type, but you also get an infinite-draw deck (i.e. no need to wait for cards to be available)…

It was my first Christmas too, and so I got everything I could afford: A five-card and two remotes. Could have got a third remote actually, but I wanted to play with a Noman for a bit. So now I can have the benefits of either, as the mood takes me, and get a tiny menace reduction into the bargain when I move out of town for a spell.

Got it. I remembered the infinite draw, but if I’m still limited to 3 in my hand regardless I’m going to move out of town for a while now. That Music Hall Singer just will not leave me alone!

I tend to stick to a remote lodging. There’s only two frequent cards in my deck, and one of them I want to play as much as possible. I also am not in the habit of retaining specific cards for later use (as a stat-capped POSI, moods are not especially useful anymore). Further, I have the misfortune to be stuck with the Artist’s Model card, so the fewest possible City Vices cards I could have is 4, and keeping completely clear of Nightmares and Bohemian connections to avoid two more is irritating.

I still switch to a five card lodging for the Nadir, Heists, and the Tomb Colonies, but I’ve been occupying myself with other grinds than Heists recently, and I’ve nearly finished my Renown grind with the Tomb Colonists.

I too use a Remote Address for daily life and switch to a five-card lodging for the Nadir and other pursuits. The way I see it, a five-card lodging would let me hold two more cards to remove them from the pool. My Remote Address effectively holds seven more cards, so is much better. I rarely want to hold specific cards these days: I play all Favour conflict cards immediately, aside from the non-scaling Constables/Criminals, which I hold until I have five Favours exactly.

The City Vices cards in detail:

  • Struggling Artist (standard freq.) - easy to unlock, impossible to get rid of[/li][li]Artist’s Model (standard freq.) - easy to unlock, fortunately easy to lock as a PoSI[/li][li]Help the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer (standard) - can’t remove if you want all the acquaintances[/li][li]Ask for help from the Singer (standard) - see above[/li][li]Orthographic Infection (standard) - hard to never get Nightmares[/li][li]Rather Decadent Evening (standard) - possible but a pain to stay under C: Bohemians 10, and can cause problems elsewhere[/li][li]A tournament of weasels (unusual) - no requirement[/li][li]What Profit (unusual?) - unlocked through the Soul Trade fate story, no way to lock iirc outside of paying to reset the story and leaving it at the first step

That’s a maximum of 5.4 standard frequency cards with the Soul Trade, if you make sure to lock the Artist’s Model card. While it’s possible to lock most of them, keeping enough locked for the five-card lodging to be better would be tedious and eat up quite a few actions.

For being so rare, and hard to get, the 5 card lodgings make a sad ultimate goal.

I dream of a housing revamp.

  1. Let us sell homes.
  2. 5 turns to move? A meaningful amount of effort, but perhaps we could have more options. Use of labour if we’re POSI, and then some places could cost more to reach. There might even be a reason to move back into simple lodgings, as long as it cost less to do it.
  3. Options on lodgings that you have to be IN that lodging to use that option, goes with #2.
  4. Customization. Home comforts worth a single BDR, or a few stat points? You could still have them if you where without home and on the street. Picture a home comfort that’s +1 card. Or one that’s -1 card but worth it. Picture a home comfort that gives “not recieving rats” (An entire CREW of starvling cats) or one that gives “remote location” (A ratwork TURRET manned by rats) at the cost of being your active home comfort.
  5. Why NOT make homes a stat item? Have the key change the lodging, like the destiny is changed by it’s own event.