1897 Election Items

Today marks the day we’ve all been waiting for after one week of campaigning, fixing, and agitating: the day we can choose our candidates. And while the arguments over the merits of each candidate have been delightful and informative, it’s time to get down to what I think is the real reason for our choices this year:

The loot.

Mrs. Plenty (Genuine Rubbery Lumps: Persuasive +8, Bizzare +1)
Madame Shoshana (The Neathy Tarot: Shadowy +8, Dreaded +1)
Virginia (Devilbone Talons: Watchful +8, Respectable +1)

This year’s election items are based around the Gloves category, which is welcome as it’s a rather underrepresented slot compared to, say, Weapons or Companions. Unlike past years, however, none of this year’s selections are best-in-slot for any of the four base stats, even discounting Fate-locked and Renown items: you can buy equivalents for each straight from the Bazaar. This is somewhat unfortunate for Dangerous players, as currently Dangerous gloves stop at a measly +5 bonus with Spider-chitin Gauntlets. That said, min-maxers can breathe a sigh of relief and choose whichever candidate they like, though as a helpful reminder, you can always change candidates even after getting the item you want.

In my view, Virginia has a slight advantage over the other candidates, as the alternate best-in-slot Watchful glove, the Insatiable Glove, has minor pluses and minuses that the Talons do not, diluting its usefulness somewhat. There are also currently no other Respectable gloves, so if you care about that specifically rather than total BDR, Virginia is your first choice.

Madame Shoshana takes second place. While Lenguals make her Shadowy bonus obsolete, her +1 Dreaded is a feature only shared with the Feast of the Rose-exclusive Hand of Glory.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Plenty’s item has little going for it. The persuasive bonus is matched by the Twelve-carat Diamond Ring which also confers a slight Dangerous bonus, and the aforementioned Lenguals give the same Bizzare bonus. Since neither of these are Fate-locked, you are probably better off with one of the other candidate’s items.

So tell us, what are your thoughts on this year’s Election items?
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The Devil’s Own Fingers appear to exactly resemble my Chelatic Mitten, which put me right off them. I found myself unable to resist the lure of the Tarot: a focal reminder of all 77 of the major arcana will surely be of use in my more arcane contemplations.

Well, Dreaded is I think the only attribute you might need to raise high (for use in heists) so anothe point for Soshana’s item. Loved the writing too.
Then again, I might be biased as she is my chosen candidate.
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I vote for Virginia and her talons are better than other. Firts respectable gloves! My dreaded is big without dreaded gloves, so I not need, but my alt will.

I thought the Talons were the best, too. But I think the choices of attributes for all of them are off.

The only one that makes sense is that the Rubbery Lumps are Bizarre! But they ought to be either Shadowy (their origins are) or Dangerous (biting them hurts your teeth, her distributor says).

Tarot cards as Dreaded? Maybe. But Shadowy? Shouldn’t they be Watchful (assuming they actually foretell the future). Making them Shadowy and dreaded reinforces their fraudulent nature, so I suppose that one is actually spot on.

Devilbone Talons as Watchful? Really ought to be Dangerous! Your wearing still-twitching armored claws, for crying out loud! And Respectable? I’m glad that was chosen, but both Dreaded and Bizarre make a lot more sense.

I’m happy with things as they are, I just thought that the attribute assignments were oddly matched to the nature of the items in most cases.

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The Rubbery Lumps do fit Mrs. Plenty’s cheapskate nature, so you can’t really complain there :P

I didn’t have to worry about picking election items because this was my first election and the Poison Pen was right there. :P

Though thinking about it, the fact the rubbery lumps are a permanent item suggests that Mrs. Plenty is giving you a lifetime supply. That’s a bit more generous, but still on the cheap side.

One might suppose the Lumps are unchewable - thus, a potentially perpetual &quotteething-soother&quot like chewing-chicle gum - AND, thus, perhap, but a singularily noisome mouthful which cannot be spat out nor swallowed, without loss of it’s peculiar enhancing quality . . .(sheerly my speculation, mind - having never stooped / dared to swill such, myself - merely noted the adverse effects likely, in others) . . . Most grisly bit o’ gristle, if so.

Gladly, i find my candidate, Madame Shoshana’s profferred Tarot an excellent item, for all that i am also surprised by it’s enhancements, as much as those of all three items. - (As this is my first Election in Neath - it behooves me to ask the forum, here, though :: Just HOW are said items garnered? :: By purchase, as an earning from Electioneer careering, or bestowed for excellence therein - or only upon success of one’s candidate …? – Do Tell? - anybody, please.)

-:- Vote Madame Shoshana - the ‘Shy Sphynx’ - and never be riddled with doubt again !! -:-

-:- Drazzle Psmyth -:-
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Ahhh - Nevermind my oblivious and naive enquery about the Election items - now i have officially declared my candidate - i see i am bestowed a Free Gift, pending - Splendid!
-:- Drazzle Psmyth -:-

-:- Vote Shoshana for Future and Fortune !! -:-
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Oh, no! All will vote to Shoshana for dreaded glove! Also, all of this election items are very strange and have no new images.

The lumps do have a use the ring doesn’t - namely there is a …situation where you can’t progress if you own the ring, making the lumps a better persuasive glove if you happen to be interested in a certain question. A fitting use, considering the origin of the gloves.

I voted for Shoshana’s tarot cards since it’s my favorite one flavor-wise and Leonard can use the pair of gloves that came with it to cheat at cards, but I think in term of mechanical usefulness, Plenty’s is the neatest one. The alternative to the rubbery lump gloves is a 350 E item - second most expensive pair of gloves in the Bazaar - making the rubbery lump gloves more accessible to newer players (or if you happen to RP a poor person, like I do with one of my characters). The rubbery lump gloves is also nice to have if you plan to go to a certain island sometime in the future as eaglewiz alluded.

I have to note, however, that these are minor differences and I urge everyone to pick the pair of gloves that tickles their fancy the most.
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Tickled that immeadiately upon getting my glove-pocketted Tarot Deck, at the rally for Madame Shoshana - i encountered the Jovial Contrarian - Mayor in-office - and proffer him a quick reading, before a round of debate! - See if i can glean any tangential inferrances of his actual “opine” of my candidate, and the others … Ask him whether he has plans for his retirement from office -:- vacation, revolution (versus whichever new governance, or any?) perhap …? -:- Drazzle Psmyth -:-

Oh, and BTW, all :: Very Interesting, that the Neath Tarot of Madame Mayor-to-be Shoshana has 77 Cards, to the surface standard tarot’s 78 – and, furthermore - the Neath tarot is ALL Trump - “Major Arcana” - while the staid surface tarot has but 22 such, numbered 0, 1, 2 - to 21 . . . Signify these distinctions as you will - i’m mostly curious if the four suits, of Neath card, align to the old school - Cups (Diamonds) - Coins (Clubs) - Swords (Spades) - Wands (Hearts) . . . Any experts in forum, or on call, perhap>>>?
-:- Drazzle -:-

[quote=Doctor_Static]Oh, and BTW, all :: Very Interesting, that the Neath Tarot of Madame Mayor-to-be Shoshana has 77 Cards, to the surface standard tarot’s 78 – and, furthermore - the Neath tarot is ALL Trump - &quotMajor Arcana&quot - while the staid surface tarot has but 22 such, numbered 0, 1, 2 - to 21 . . . Signify these distinctions as you will - i’m mostly curious if the four suits, of Neath card, align to the old school - Cups (Diamonds) - Coins (Clubs) - Swords (Spades) - Wands (Hearts) . . . Any experts in forum, or on call, perhap>>>?
-:- Drazzle -:-[/quote]
Neath Tarot just have no 0.

I believe the standard suits of Neathy playing cards are Hats, Bats, Cats and Rats. Whether these carry over to the Neathy Tarot, I cannot say.

Thank You Kindly, fellow Citizens! . . . Tsk, i even spent days in my spare Rooms, over a gambling den, lately - and failed to listen to the particulars of the card-games as well as the gossip … whilst bones rattling make an ambient sussurrus, betwixt curses. Anyone here ever play Tarot Poker …?

Drazzle Psmyth draws Tarot throw for Sitting Mayor, the Jolly Contrarian - [in surface card suits] :: Fallen London

-:- Drazzle -:-
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Y. &quotDrazzle&quot F. Psmyth - Campaigner for Madame Shoshana for Mayor - Tarot Reader -

Well, noble electorate - i’ve translated the scene to Neathy suits - assuming ::

-:- HATS / Cups/ Diamonds -:- BATS / Discs / Clubs -:- CATS / Swords / Spades -:- RATS / Wands / Hearts -:-
((?:: Or is it: &quothats, bats, rats, cats&quot? Or hats last :( ???))

So, there i was: I’d pledged my cause, for Madame Shoshana, popped over to fetch my new Tarot Deck -

  • and then met Sitting Mayor, the Jovial Contrarian - & so read his cards, before a private debate on the election, in &quothis&quot office !!)

Here are the highlights, as concerns TAROT (rather than Avid Horizon ponders)

The Sitting Mayor of London chuckles … - I fan my new gloves: &quotA brief reading, before a debate on the candidates, Sir?&quot

&quotThe Language of Xanadu - The Symbols we Dream, eh? - For Me, or the Election? - Me? : Draw Seven. A basic &quottime-cube&quot.

((24 July, 1897 (Ladybones Road) The wise Londoner avoids graffiti. If you read it too closely your hair might catch fire.))

[As you improve your Watchful, you may learn to read these burning sigils.]

  • Below, you stand on Justice : Balance : adjustment, suspension of action pending decision. May refer to lawsuits, trials, marriages, treaties, etc.

  • Above is 9 HATS (Discs) : Gain : Good luck attending material affairs, inheritance, great increase in wealth, completion of material gain; also covetiousness, theft and knavery.

  • Before you, King of CATS (Swords) : Firey part of Air : A man, active, skillful and clever, fierce, delicate and courageous but often unreflective. If ill-dignified, he is incapable of descision, deceitful, tyrrannical and crafty.

  • Behind you, 8 RATS (Wands) : Swiftness : Speech, light, electricity, energy of high velocity, activity, approach to goal, letter or message, rapidity, too much force applied too suddenly, a flash in the pan, boldness, freedom.

  • on Left, 5 HATS (Discs) : Worry : Intense strain with continued inaction, loss of money, profession, monetary anxiety, poverty. If well-dignified, can mean labour, land cultivation, building, intelligence applied to labour.

  • on Right, 2 HATS (Discs) : Change : Yin-Yang, Harmony of change, alternation of gain and loss, weakness and strength, elation and melancoly, varying occupation, wandering, visit to friends, pleasant change, industrious yet unreliable.

  • At Center, you are at 10 RATS (Wands) : Oppression : Force detached from spiritual sources. Fire in it’s most destructive aspect. Cruelty and malice, selfishness, lying, repression, slander, ill-will. Can be self-sacrifice and generosity if particularily well-dignified.

… ((8th draw - Wheel Of FORTUNE :Change of fortune generally good, destiny. ))

Horizon of Glyphs :: He scowls and smiles at the same time. Hmmm. Poppycock, but hmmm, indeed! - Well, Madame seems to have her fans shadowily treading the subconscious by art. - Come, to &quotmy&quot office, then, Citizen!

24 July, 1897 (Ladybones Road)
The Masters frown on the study of Horizon Glyphs. Why? What secrets are hidden in those neat pictograms?

&quotCapital!&quot . . . We definitely SEEMED to be debating the cadidates, and the future fate or destiny of London - but, of course, as ambiguously as possible. He asks an 8th Card : Wheel of Fortune : : the Successor …?

Summer in the Neath is gentle, yet. Asking the Contrarian of his plans :

Vacation? Revolution? Subversion? Collaboration? Hobbies? - &quotYes and No.&quot

24 July, 1897 (Ladybones Road)

@:.@:. My free-associations to the tarot throw’s revelations, occultations, implications, and portents - vis-a-vis the Jovial Contrarian - well, mine include tangents obvious to many of wit wisdom lore and experience, i am sure … Here’s hoping he chooses not to &quotgo out with a bang&quot!

((PS - EDIT :: One might see the cards as representing Plenty on the left - Shoshana on right - Viginia before him - and perhaps a Ka-bang of Revolution powder-keg [?] at his back . . . ))

-:- Drazz’ -:-

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[quote=Diptych]I believe the standard suits of Neathy playing cards are Hats, Bats, Cats and Rats. Whether these carry over to the Neathy Tarot, I cannot say.[/quote]In fact, they do not - Shoshana’s tarot includes Coins and Staves, as well as Cups (I presume there is also some number of Swords in the deck, though we’ve never seen any).

Sidenote: The Enigmatic Augur’s deck differs a little, in that respect - his features Chalices and Wands, as well as Aces and Knaves (Jacks), the latter two being pretty clearly derived from playing cards, while Shoshana’s uses Cups and Staves, alongside the more mystical Pages.
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