Zubmarine Farming

Near the south of the Uttershroom is a Khanate Submarine (although shouldn’t it be Zubmarine?) that if you’re sneaky enough and armed with some decent Irons you can constantly destroy. You don’t even need to board it; destroying the sub nabs you some Vital Intelligence.
Who needs a spy network when you can farm that instead? Because the best part is that you can surface and dive again and the zub is back again for another beating and loot.
The White & Golds don’t get upset by it at all either so free loot.

Ironically, I get my fuel and supplies from the Khanate so I can go back and farm them again.
I’m certain the same can be done for the Lifebergs in that you can respawn them via submerging and surfacing.

Any other or better farming spots? Is farming the Constant Companion crazy or awesome… or crazy awesome… or something never to be done on a frequent basis?
edited by stylesrj on 10/25/2016

Farming the Constant Companion would require being at high Terror all the time, and given that killing monsters lowers Terror by about 10 it wouldn’t be super feasible.

Most of my games these days involve moving about from place-to-place with the lights off, only flashing them for the briefest of moments to light up navigation hazards.

Also, I once heard some sort of skittering noise out by the Chelonate when my Terror was at 65. I thought the Companion was there since Anthe was very far away for it to be that.

Update for the OP: It’s not the Chelonate that has the Khanate sub. It’s the Uttershroom. Are there any other places where Khanate subs of similar design and loot can be found or is it just the Uttershroom?
edited by stylesrj on 10/25/2016

What’s the name of the enemy?

Khanate Submarine.
It’s got like 250HP I think and when you sink it, it’s got the option to destroy it (Irons) or board it (Veils).

Destroying it gives you Vital Intelligence. Boarding, I don’t know.

Checked the game files and the Uttershroom and Khanate both have the relevant spawns. Both can spawn either a Khanate Submarine or a Putterpony.

I see. Either way, it’s a useful farming spot for Vital Intelligence. There’s also a Beloved (or is it a Neither?) nearby for a bit of a snack if you need it.