Zinging of the Zee

Anyone managed to create the Zong of the Zee yet? I am trying but there’s so much to collect! Maybe we can brainstorm together how best to go about it at this point? :)[li]

I know I got a Live Specimen in one of my earlier incarnations but I can’t remember where now. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a Zee-story, so no idea where to look for one of those either!

I recently upgraded to a dreadnaught to help me store stuff for this. I’ve got ~4 memories of light and Zee-ztories, a couple of live catches, and in the space of 5 min I picked up 2 Captivating treasures. The rest honestly just looks like grinding.

I can’t imagine coming close to being able to create the Zong of the Zee at the moment but I salute you for trying. I’m currently endeavouring to get all possible ‘explore’ results at various islands though and I did find a live specimen.
This probably counts as spoilers but I don’t know how to do the Spoilers tag, so here you go


(I found one as a random encounter exploring Demeaux Island, although it also came up at Port Cecil once. The event had the art for the Parabolan Panther and there were options to fight it, run, or try and take it alive.)
Good luck out there!

There’s an interesting choice in several places between taking the sure benefit - Echoes at Port Cecil, supplies and terror reduction at the funging station - versus playing the random encounter option. In many cases it seems as though the best option is almost to burn resources by undocking and docking; I have not worked out exactly what distance of travel is needed to permit this, but it’s not zero.[li]
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