Zero Summer Kickstarter

Howdy folks! A big announcement here: in October, we’ll be launching Zero Summer’s first and only Kickstarter.[li]

Check out our release below for more information. More details to come soon. And if you’ve never played Zero Summer before, use this link to start with a big boost to your stats.

See you on the other side of the Wall.

I’m interested, but part of me wonders whether you’d be better off (if you can afford to) waiting a little longer after the Sunless Sea kickstarter …

(edit: don’t want to speak for others, but I REALLY want the Zee to go ahead and am very excited by it, so have mentally committed any justifiable KS money to them. Which means none to you. But if you were a few months later (rather than one), I might be able to reallocate my coffee money again. It would suck hairy testicles were both KS to fail by you splitting the audience.)
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Babelfishwars brings up a good point–you’ll be competing with the other big Kickstarter.

That said, I fully intend to pledge to both.

[quote=Jack Vaux-Harrowden]Babelfishwars brings up a good point–you’ll be competing with the other big Kickstarter.

That said, I fully intend to pledge to both.[/quote]

I suspect it’ll only affect people on limited budgets - but if that’s a large number?
(Not intending to imply you’re moneybags, only that I know not everyone can afford frivolities this close together.)
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Hey folks! Thanks for your interest.

We’re confident that Zero Summer and Sunless Sea are both strong enough games to succeed within a few months of each other. (I certainly plan to pledge to Sunless Sea too!)

It helps that Zero Summer’s eventual ask will, I expect, be much lower than Sunless Sea’s. After all, our team is smaller and much less full-time than FBG’s. :)

[quote=Gordon Levine] within a few months of each other.[/quote] :-S Yours starts immediately as Sunless Sea ends. Days apart? I think a few months apart would be perfect! I suppose if Sea fails, you’ll benefit from people jumping over. But otherwise …

I’ll stop. I’m a notorious optimist. ;-)

You may very well be the first KS I’ll be giving money to. Fingers crossed :)

That’s so sweet! Thank you! We plan to make it worth your while. Frankly, the pledge rewards and stretch goals are AWESOME.

More info for the Zero Summer Kickstarter is coming next week.[li]

In the meantime, you should check out FBG’s Sunless Sea Kickstarter!

Woohoo, I’m looking forward to this! ZS is my most favourite StoryNexus world and I am itching to contribute more so you can continue writing a great story!

Thanks Vega! We’ll have more info about it soon. Plus also the releases for Black is the Colour and Day 2/Evening. Should be good times!

Any news on this?

We are neither dead nor sleeping! But various pressing obligations have driven us underground for the time being. Expect the Kickstarter later than initially targeted, but new content much sooner than you might think. We’ve got two great pieces on the cusp as we speak.