Zero Summer Interest

I’m making this thread to see what kind of interest there is in Zero Summer continuing.

I’m not part of the team, but I hope that they will see this and continue the project.

I got into ZS a few months ago and I find it absolutely enthralling. With the story available, I’ve become completely invested in the world and characters in a way I never have with Fallen London. A Lovecraftian Western, if ever there was one, with some great writing and a real sense of progression through a central mystery with some interesting implications.

Unfortunately, the project has been put an hiatus and the team is working on a different game. I want to see ZS continue and see what happens next.

So, have you played Zero Summer? What has interested you about it? Are you eager for it to continue?


The team have moved on to new things, I’m afraid. But you might be interested in their new project - they post info about it here: Redirecting...

A pity. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it looks interesting and it would have been good to see what came of it.