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What do you enjoy paired with your sunless sea, be it food, or drink, or something else entirely.

I enjoy listening to Hakens &quotThe Mountain&quot, as I think it nicely accents the under realized (citation needed) themes of powers beyond mortal reason or influence perceived as absurdity by a naive and excitable scientific community, along with a general sense of adventure and danger. I try and pair my drinks with my captains; My current captain is a urchin who received a large and unexpected inheritance from a successful merchant, who is struggling to find an image of self that fits with the beliefs and affectations he learned growing up while still earning the respect of the aristocracy he wishes to see him as a peer. I pair him with youthful canadian whiskey and soda.

[li]i’ll confess to having certain … cravings for crab, steamed and buttered. i attribute it to nothing less than circumstance, but i swear i’ll pass on anything glowing and self-crisping. strangely, no compulsion towards nigiri or mako steaks.

[li]a more pressing inquiry, though - what goes best with midshipman? chianti, or perhaps a bold bordeaux, served in the styling of a coq au vin? i supposed it depends on the balance of fats to acidity. Mr. Jacobs! please report to hospital for your physical. 100 echoes off your premiums, don’t you know, if you choose to participate. the Poissonior will see to your care … yes, yes, i know it’s highly irregular, but these are such irregular times.