Zee Ztories

In the spirit of emergent gameplay, what are some of the craziest and most terrifying aspects of sailing in the Neath? Share your stories.
I desperately tried to make it to the far east with nightmares plaguing myself and my crew about to mutiny and eat one another. My mascot wasn’t helping either, to be frank, for it was a spiffing image of the Starveling Cat! I tried so hard , but in the end, fuel ran out and the Unterzee took us.
However, I did get a proper mariners tattoo which I am quite proud of.
I really do wonder what is further inland. Perhaps canals threading through the continent in the future to explore inland?

I, too, was exploring the uncharted lands to the east. My crew mutinied and I cut them down like dogs. Of the few that remained, two were taken by zee-beats, and another… vanished. I cannot say how - it might have been a dream. Finally, I was utterly alone on my ship, and the nightmares grew too much. The Drownies called to me, and I could not resist.

Um… it’s easy to get to the far East. Sell 1 supply, grab the cheery man’s package, and just keep sailing east at fastest speed possible.