Zee... Zhanties? Shanties?

So, after putting long hours into exploring the Unterzee, I am beginning to find the music a tad repetitive. I know some might not have experienced this if they don’t visit the same places for long enough, and I will give credit where credit is due – the music took very long to get repetitive enough for me to start turning on podcasts while I play.

But, given that I know many of you share my desire for grinding for Echoes and the time that usually takes, I was wondering if there was any plan to incorporate new music in the form of Sea Shanties that could be sung by your crew to decrease terror, so long as you had done some event to collect the shanty and they had a cooldown (after all, no crew would sing the same shanty over and over again). I came upon this idea after deciding to turn on the Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag shanties in the background, while keeping the sounds of the sea on, and seeing how well they’ve meshed. I am fairly certain you have a dedicated community that would be willing to write shanties themed for the zee, so was curious if the idea had ever come up?

I like this! We even have a zhanty or two in the sidebar text… might as well find someone to sing it!

&quotWe’ll Row the Old Trimaran Along,&quot &quotMushroom in the Jar&quot and &quotYou have to stand still to be a Martyr&quot are just the beginning. Personally, I’d love to see a few snippets of shanties, just for the creative potential and immersive flavor alone!

&quotJenny, don’t wake me! Don’t jostle or shake me

I spent all night drinking with your ladies and I’m worn

But if I never wake, don’t cry and don’t shake

Just sing the glorious tales of my last night in Gaider’s Mourn.&quot
edited by SouthSea Rutherby on 3/24/2015

or you could just turn down the &quotmusic&quot volume setting and play whatever music you like in the background

Oooh, maybe we should write some Zee Zhanties…

I totally mentioned this in the first post. I didn’t think it was so long it needed a TL;DR.